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Due in November 2014 Lock Rss

Hi! I'm jessica, just found out I'm expecting baby number 2 after a misscarige last cycle. I first thought I was due in October but after better calculations I think my I am actually due 4 November. I just had bloods done on Friday and the came back at 125 for 3 weeks 4 days.
Hi Jessica

I just got my BFP and if my calculations are correct I will be due the 2nd November.
This is #2 for me as well.

Hi guys,

Found out we were expecting # 2 on Saturday and by my dates will be due on the 1st November. Feeling so tired already!

Should we start a due date list?

Congratulations my unexpected blessing! Sounds good to me. I'm so tired too. It's crazy how early it hits....I'm not feeling nauseous yet though. With my son I felt ill from the day AF was due.

Sounds good to me I'll start

4 November - Mz211
No nausea here yet either thank god. Only had it for one week with DD so hoping to escape it completely this time.

1 November - MyUnexpectedBlessing
4 November - Mz211

Are either of you having your hcg monitored? I had a misscarige last cycle so I have had 2 hcg tests so far.
Not at this stage, although I don't see anyone until monday so time will tell. Fingers crossed this one is sticky for you.

I haven't been to the GP yet either (going Thurs) but I didn't have my HCG monitored with DS so I'm not sure....

1 November - MyUnexpectedBlessing
2 November - Liss06
4 November - Mz211

Hi ladies, will be joining you guys in November with number 3!

1 November - MyUnexpectedBlessing
2 November - Liss06
3 November - LC+2
4 November - Mz211

Goodluck to everyone smile
Congrats and welcome LC+2

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