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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

Hi, I have just found this site! Wow so much information =D so happy! I'm due 14th October and would love to be invited into the facebook group. I tried finding the person but am unsure if I have right one! Eeek!! FTM excitment and nerves!
Ohhhh I'm due October 7th and I'd love to be added to this Facebook group!!!! How do I go about it!? (p.s my internet is playing up and for some reason won't let me look at previous pages so I apologise if you've mentioned how to do it hundreds of times!)

Hi ladies congrats to get onto Facebook page search Zoe kerisiano. Pics of her and a baby . See ya there.
I've sent a FR, may I please be added smile

Hi Zoe, I've added you on FB. Could you please include me in the group? Thanks !
Hi Kylie just saw your pregnant yayaya so excited for you and not to far behind the group I met you in, congratualtions im so glad it finally all fell into place for you x x x

Hi everyone....I'm still trying to get added to the FB group. Is someone able to let Zoe know I have sent her a friend request?
Cheers smile
Hi can i join this group too I'm due oct 29th smile

hope your all well
Hi mel congrats that's my due date too. Can u add Zoe to your friends on Facebook she will add ya not sure I can
Hi Tamara i just added Zoe... oh wow thats very exciting having someone due the same date smile
HI, im due october 31st, can i please be added to the fb group how do i do this/?

Thanks smile
Hi Ladies, congratulations on your little bundles of joy-to be! I'm due Oct 27th. I've added Zoe kerisiano, so that I can be added to the group smile.
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