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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

Hi all new to forum smile I discovered I am pregnant on Australia Day lol. This is hopefully #2 for us! I have a history of early miscarriages having had 2 prior to my 4yo and 2 more last year with one resulting in a D&c. Dating scan on Friday and trying to keep it together. Nausea set in on the weekend and can't stand the smell of sight of food which is new for me. Tender boobs are subsiding a little but so exhausted could sleep all day. Think I'm Due 1 October but we shall soon see smile
Hi Zoe, I've sent you a friend request - can I please be added to the group?

Kriska have you had any answers about your blood results?
Hi ladies, my name is Bec and I just found out yesterday im due with #4 on October 19. Zoe, I have just sent you a friend request, I would love to be added to the group smile
Hi ladies.I just got a positive test yesterday! So excited but a little nervous in hoping it all goes well smile this one was planned unlike my 2 1/2 year old so it's a different feeling!
If there is a facebook group I would love to be added, (if it's a secret/ private group?!) I'm in one for my daughter that was set up through this when I first got pregnant and it's such a great group, so helpful!
adding myself smile Due 24th Oct smile
I've added you Zoe, if I could please be added to the group as well (as long as it's a private group?) I'm due 24th October smile
Hey guys! Just found out today that we are expecting baby #3! Not sure how far along I am as I havent had a period since 2012 but I suspect I am due in October some time! If there is a Facebook group I'd love to be added smile
Zoe, I've added you (I think) could you add me to the group as well please smile I'm Zoe Lamb and my picture is of my 2 kids
Hi Everyone, I'm due with my first baby on October 20th! I'm really happy to read all of your posts!!Very excited!! smile smile smile
How long after ovulation did you test? I had what I beleive was implantation bleeding 4 days ago but am unsure how much longer I should wait to test? (I think I am going crazy waiting for that BFP lol)

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My period was about 2 days late and I sensed I felt different to what I normally do when it's due so tested then. It is a hard wait but my tip is to try to distract yourself with work or anything else! Baby dust to you smile
Hi ladies I was over on the November due date till I realised I put my dates in wrong whops. We got our first bfp Thursday been trying for ten months so were very excited . Due oct 29th. I've had my bloods to confirm and booked into midwife next wed. Symptom wise cramps, thirst , nausea and dizzy waves which are mild. How do we join Facebook page ? Congrats everyone
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