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Due October 2015 Lock Rss

congrats! i'm due October 20th 2015 :3
Cool around the same date how are u feeling? Congratulations . I met the midwife today looks like first scan at 13 weeks . Got a cute little booklet reading and more reading. 5 weeks tomorrow smile Main symptoms are sore boobs! Never knew could hurt so much eek . How is everyone
Congrats to all the new mum's to be. I am due 9th Oct with #2. DD is nearly 4 yrs. For the last 2 weeks i have not felt like living. I have had nausea the whole time and a lot of vomiting. I feel sorry for DH & DD as i am not able to do anything much for them or around the house. I HOPE it doesn't last for as long as it did with DD. Hope everyone else is going well.
Congrats all!
Sorry to hear Spanner86 you are feeling really sick this time, it's not much fun even though we all know it is worth it, it's hard to feel enthusiastic. My symptoms come and go, no sickness but the worst heartburn ever! It feels like my whole digestive system has stopped working and everything I eat doesn't move down from my oesophagus, ugh. Yes really sore boobs too and insomnia waking up several times a night either to go to the toilet or just tossing and turning because I'm hot and feel unsettled!
I hope everyone is coping ok.
Hey ladies smile
I just found out yesterday Im pregnant, so due end of oct or possibly beginning nov. smile Not sure! smile
Have also added you too Zoe if that is okay?! smile
Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on here for a few weeks. And since I was last on here, I've had a 7 week scan and found out that I'm carrying twins!! Argh! So exciting and scary all at once. Can I be added to the FB page as well please! As long as it's definitely a private group wink I can't actually find the page when I do a search...
Congrats re: Twins that's so exciting !!!! Yayyyy . How come u had a 7 week scan my first is at 13 weeks ? Are u in oz ??
Hi Claireanne,

I conceived with IVF in the USA (I'm moving back to Sydney in 5 weeks time yay!) so they wanted a 7 week scan just in case I did end up with multiples. I think every ob/gyn is different with first scan dates as my first scan with my first son when I lived in Sydney was at 8 weeks.
Hi all. Due 19-31 October here. Will need dating ultrasound to get proper dates. Baby no. 3 and previous 2 was out by up to 3 weeks with dates. Hope everyone's feeling better than I am!

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

Hello ladies! Looks like we are expecting (surprise) baby number 3! Due around the 26th smile we found out 2 weeks ago but it's taken me a while to get my head around the idea.

Just found out yesterday am having a (surprise honeymoon) baby. EDD is October 28th.
Would love to be in touch with others who are expecting at the same time. This is our first and it's all surprisingly overwhelming so am enjoying reading though the forums!
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