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Babies due in March 2018 Lock Rss

Just found out you're pregnant? Join our support group and track your amazing journey here!
Will jump in here. Have had a positive test at home. Haven't been to dr yet. According to lmp, due roughly 8th March.
I'm due 6 march tbc is there a facebook group yet
Hi Girls, according to my dates I am due March 8th as well. I'm going to get bloods tomorrow but have several strong positives already. This will be our 5th baby if all goes ok, I'm very nervous though as I had a Miscarriage last December so am paranoid sad
I'm happy to start up the group on Facebook if you want to add me as a friend so I can join you.

Started one up but I think I have to friend everyone to join them. It's secret.
Yes please! Had one with my youngest and we are all still such great friends!
If you go to my profile you should be able to add me as a friend and I'll pop you in the group.

Any newcomers to the thread, feel free to add me. If you can pop me a message to let me know you're wanting to join the group as well, will be easier.
Done x
Hey, I just found out I'm pregnant. Due 10 March. Please add me to your fb group. I'll send the friend request now. Did the same with my first baby and it's so nice sharing this journey with others and seeing the bubs grow up
Been to dr and got a BFP yesterday, have had bloods done and just watching for confirmed results:) due 10th march, add me to the group please - I was part of one with my first and it's been cool keeping in touch
Added you so I can be added to the group. According to last period I'll be due March 10 with baby number 1! Can't quite believe I'm pregnant after 14 months of trying and a miscarriage, but the symptoms are so much stronger this time.
Hey there! I've just added you too, hope that's ok. I'm due 11 March gasp)
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