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Due September 2018 Lock Rss

Hey all just wondering if anyone is due in September 2018? I'm due on the 4th smile. Any Facebook groups yet? Would love to meet you ladies. Thanks!
I’m due about the same! Is there a dig yet?
Hey there,
Congrats on the exciting news! We also just found out that we are expecting start of September and have been wondering if there is any due groups yet?
Oh yay congrats! No group yet. Could we always make one of our own? Not sure how to
hey! Just found out we are expecting in September as well.
Hey all! I’ve just found out we’re expecting around 4th September as well!
Hey ladies,

Congrats all again! Such exciting nelse ???? I have created a secret fb group called 'babies due september' anyone who wants to join just sendon't me a friend request and I'll add you. Melanie Stewart from oxford/Christchurch.
Hey ladies
Im on first round clomid im 7dpo ill know by next week but if i am ill be due 18th sept
I go back to fertility specialist on the 10th- Yay
Look forward to getting to know you all
Melanie id love to join - there is so many Melanie Stewart's though
Maybe make group closed then post link on here
Hello ladies ???? I’m also due early September. Has a fb group be made?
Just re-read your post Melanie. Will add you so you can add me to the private group smile
Hi all just got my bfp. Due around 14th Sept. Though it doesn't feel real yet. ???? Haven't even spoken to hubby yet, lol.
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