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Due December 2018 Lock Rss

I’m keen to join a Dec 2018 secret group. I’m cutrently 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I have a 2yr old daughter. I’ve calculated my edd to be 25 dec 2018
Hi Susie I’ve shared the link for my Facebook, add me and I’ll add you to the group ????

Hi all I’m due dec 2 2018 I would love to join a nz group are there any on Facebook? This is baby #5
Hey 5 little chicks. Our group is a NZ/aus group. If you’re still interested in joining the link to my profile is on here, just add me and I’ll add you to the group

I tried to add you but it wasn’t working my name is Hayley Izzard on Facebook could someone pretty please add me ????
Hi there smile Im not 100% on my due date but looks like it will be December smile this is my second baby and my girl is 15 months old. I will add you MummaT if you are still accepting people into the due date group
Have added you hopefully Hayley

Hi. I am due December 1. My 2 daughters are 12 and almost 15. All so excited ????
Hi there!

I have just found out I am expecting a December baby. Currently 16 weeks with an EDD of Dec 12. Can I please be added to the Facebook group! I will try message someone off this thread as I am a bit late to the party.
Hello, just joined the community here. New to Victoria and due 3rd December, would love to join the fb group if it's still open to newbies? smile
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