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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

Hi everyone would love to join fb group. Due 25-28th feb with no3 smile

would love to have you in the group, what's your facebook name ? smile

whats you profile pic chick?

Hi mums to be
My gp did a pregnancy test on Monday and to my shock it came back positive.. freaking out a little we have 4 babies and this one is a big surprise. I got my hcg levels checked and they haven’t gone up much at all 3000 ish to start think she said it’s 3980 48 hours later. Iv never gotten them checked before so no idea what it all means. My GP has booked an ultrasound for Monday to check is it’s in the “right” spot. So now I feel like crap from taking the pregnancy news bad

Can I be added to fb please name is

hi ladies i have sent an inbox to both of you hopefully its the ladies lol if its you please msg back smile
Can i please be added to the facebook group? Im Rachel Stevenson, profile pic is me and my wee boy.
How is everyone feeling? I’ve had a horrible tummy today. According to google diarrhea can be a symptom of early pregnancy??? Sorry TMI!! Hubby and I ate the exact same food and he’s not sick at all. Anyone else suffering/suffered from a bad tummy?
Hey, hope you all okay. Hi, congratulations to all of you! I had a positive test at home a few weeks ago, dating scan this Thurs eek! Had an emotional roller coaster start with low HCG levels but they have been increasing nicely so fingers crossed all is good! We have a 15-month-old son and pretty sure this is our last baby smile. I wish everyone else good luck. babies are a blessing. much prayers.
Congratulations to you all mommies. My due is also in February. I am super excited. This is my first pregnancy. I have got a roller coaster ride of various mood swings. Different emotions all the time. I still have sore breasts. Often nausea after I eat something. The following week was quite hectic due to my sister's wedding. I missed my scan this week. Now, I am planning to make an appointment soon. A little nervous too. I hope things are okay. Wishing everybody a good luck who is going through this. Baby dust to all.
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