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Any young NZers due around NOV 06? Lock Rss

Im 21 with my 1st due 15 November. Was wondering if any other young NZers wanted to chat via MSN?
Hey there

im 23 from NZ as well, Im from Hamilton and due around the 29th of October (who knows it could go through to November) congrats on your pregnancy and it would be great to chat sometime smile

Take care

Ds 17/10/06

Hiya im 21 and expecting my first on Nov 3rd.....Would love to chat to anyone as i have noone in my situation round here smile
hey ladies!!
im 22 with my 1st blessing due on the 25th oct...close enough to nov!!
just browsing through and though it would be nice to talk to sum mummies due around the same time!!


Hi, im due on 15th of November. Im 22 weeks on Wednesday. my email addy is [email protected] anyone welcome to give an email.
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