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Any1 due between 29th of dec and 3rd of jan? Lock Rss

Hi, i have been given 2 dates, which is so weird i thought, My ultra sound points towards 29th dec, but my lmp states 3rd of jan, the dr has told me to waine between the two dates until my 18 week ultra sound then they will know for sure. Really odd if you ask me, but anyways, i was wanting to chat with other mums to be in this time frame! I would love to hear from you:)


Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

Hi Kristy,
Im due on Jan 2nd.
How are you feeling? My nausea has finally passed after 6 weeks of being constant. Im actually starting to feel normal again whichi thought could never happen. smile Now i can start to enjoy my pregnancy.
Usually scans are pretty accurate. Im yet to have mine as my gyno insisted i wait til i see him before i book it in and i only saw him for the first time yesterday which really sucked but now i can book it.
Goodluck, hear from you soon,
hi kristy, im due on the 2nd of jan, thats by the u/s but my dates were the 29th of dec, so im not sure either, but i have another u/s next friday as the first one was only of the sack... So yeah ill let u know what that one say..

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07


I am due 2nd January, which like alot of you I'm will make a great summer for us!!!! I already have a 1 year old and as for any morning sickness, I just had the tired stage that went away only about 2 weeks ago.

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