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Hey guys, this is really hard to use but I have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!
Rach had her little girl today at 3:34pm weighing 7lb and 14oz. Bubby and mummy are doing REALLY WELL!!!! And her gorgeous little name is "Hannah Lee" Congratulations to Rach and her family! XX

Hi all wow how werid is this new forum! Congrats to Rach hope all is going well! Hows everyone else? I've been losing my plug big time and can hardly walk so i have a feeling any day now (hopefully) today i don't remember this much pain with Teala maybe this on has a really BIG head god i hope not!!!!!!!!! But she still doesn't have a name we can't agree so wait and see what she looks like! Anyway talk to you all soon hopefully i will have my big announcement next time i'm on . Take care Adele xox
Congratulations to Rach and her family. One week to go for me and I can't wait. I hope everyone is still feeling OK. I know I have had enough of getting up five to six times at night for a pee!!

hey everyone!

Thanks for starting a new topic... A big congrats to Rach and family! Im due today and very sore very tight and i think im loosing my plug pretty sure i am so hopefully everything is happenening... goodluck to everyone! Maybe i too will be telling everyone of my baby next time im online!

Heya!! Well I saw my midwife Thursday and I can hardly walk and she was saying it's normal preg pains UNTIL she tried to feel my tummy and I just cried! It hurt so much and then she said that my pelvis has separated. She could feel that the baby wasn't in it still and didn't want to feel too much as I was reduced to tears from the pain so she said that when I've 'had enough' I can call her and I will go into hospital and see a doctor to get the all clear to be induced early YAYY!! Because she can only induce me 10 days after my MAY EDD! Which is way too far away for me to deal with but I am hoping to go naturally soon because it hurts so much. I have raspberry leaf tabs and evening primrose and we've tried ourselves to get bubs out. She said to try that all and said to burn clarry sage oil which was $26.20 so I am very weary about buying it!! And to get raspberry leaf tea which I have heard is GROSS so I will see what the wkend brings for me and if bubs hasn't arrived I will then try the tea and the clarry sage... I tried clarry sage with Tayah and I remembered that it STUNK so bad!
Anyway guys, that's my update. I hope all is well and little Hannah is thriving and Rach is feeling great too! Xox Byebye.

Congratulations Rach !! That is fantastic news, cant wait to hear all the details !!
I went for my appt yesterday and told him i wanted to be induced NOW, anyway he checked me and she is not ready, my cervix is STILL closed completely ! aaaarrrggghhhh !!!
Amber, i am also drinking Raspberry leaf tea and taking Evening Primrose Oil, so far nothing has happened ! And i burned Sage oil when pregnant with Declan, didnt work at all !! I dont think anything works unless bubs is just ready to come out and unfortunatley mine isnt !! sad

Good luck everyone ! Cant wait to hear everybodies news (hopefully everyone can find this new thread !)

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi all how are you? Well i'm still in 1 piece the ob said i'm in early labour i'm 1cm dilalted her head is right down so i just have to wait and take panadol do these men realise panadol does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked how long this can go on for and he couldn't give me an answer. I might go and get some sage oil toady i'm prepared to try anything i'm still using evening primrose and raspberry leaf tabs. Don't these last few weeks suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your all well chat soon. Take care Adele
[Edited on 15/04/2007]
hey everyone

Baby was due yesterday and today im def loosing my plug lots of clear mucus with blood in it! Sorry if tmi... hopefully things will be getting going soon! Goodluck to everyone!

OMG! It has taken me all afternoon to work out how to sign in!!!!!!!!! And where's our old thread??? And where do i find the 'my forums' section... god i hate change! And boy is this site SLOW!!!!!!!!

Only coming on here so i can check in on all of you that are days away from having a baby... can't wait to hear some news soon!

Hi Everyone !

Wow Adele, sounds like you are def close, i think pre-labour can go on for a few days before anything happens but it sounds like something will def happen soon !

Nooey, You will DEF go very soon !! Everyone i know that had a show has gone within 24 hours !!! You lucky duck !! Your probably in labour right now !!

Mia, This site sucks big time !! In the general discussion area, it has all the questions about the new site and supposedly its quite slow coz they are trying to transport all the old threads etc ? Ours has disappeared of course ! As well as a number of other ones i was chatting on but supposedly they will be back ? Who knows, its driving me crazy !!
Well i reckon everyone will have there bubs before me, including you Amber !! I am showing no signs at all, its not fair !!
Cant wait for all the news from everyone !

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi everyone.
This new site is very strange i am sure we will get used to it soon.
Well as you heard i had Hannah on friday at 3.34pm weighing 7pound 6oz. We came home on Saturday morning. I just wanted to be home. so i was in hospital for less then 24hours.. Hannah is just great, she has a full head of black hair. I ended up being induced as my doc was flying out friday night. My epi was put in at 10.00am. the drip was put in as well. they broke my waters at 1.30am. i went from 3cm to 9cm in less then 2 hours. Pushed for about 40mins. My god it hurts to push out the shoulders. i had to be cut. I could feel all the contractions in my groin, i was in tears everytime they came. I had a strong dose of the epi and it was weird not to be able to lift your legs. My hubby and the midwife had to hold my legs up for me.. I can not get over how big the placenta was... WOW WOW it was huge..

Anyway Hannah is crying she needs a feed.
Cant wait to hear more baby news.


Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Hey everyone

Still no baby getting so over it... hopefully it happens soon!

Rach im glad Hannah is doing so well and that you are too! That was a quick stay in hossy, i only want to stay for a little bit too!

Best of luck to everyone!

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