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which birth position is best? Rss

Hi my fiancee & i are expecting our first, a son on 15th dec.From people ive spoken to & things ive read giving birth lying down is the hardest position coz of pushing bubs over the pelvis.i was hoping to get some advice from other mums whove had a bubs, what position they gave birth in and how it was.
Hi there,

I gave birth to both my children laying down on the bed - the first I had no choice as he was forceps, but for my daughter I spent a great deal of my late labour on all fours with my bottom higher than my arms, really seemed to help. My midwife asked me to hop on to the bed so she could see how the labour was progressing and she found I was only minutes away from giving birth so as I was on the bed I stayed there. I would agree that the bed is not much good for most of the labour but sometimes the delivery is best there, especially if there are problems. This time I will just take it as it comes.
Good luck to you.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

I had my first child lying down, mind you I was in the shower and bath for most of my labour. I tried different positions but lying down seemed the best for her birth. It all depends though on what you feel comfortable with, you can try lying, squatting, all fours, standing but you will know when and how you want to give birth. I don't have a plan for my 2nd bub I'm thinking of trying something different may work or not work.
Some people find lying down is hardest but it's really up to you what you want.

I had my little man 11 weeks ago now and had a very long and hard labour. He was a very big boy (9lb 14oz /4.46kg) and he was my first. In the end I ended up laying on my back for the last hour of labour. But during the later part of first stage I was mostly kneeling on the bed support myself with the head rest. The nurse was trying to keep me there as my bub was spine on spine with me. During the whole labour I keep moving into different postion trying to find one that was comfy but when I was in labour there wasn't one. I couldn't move too far away from the bed sometimes coz thats where the gas was. My advise would be go with you gut. Keep moving around 'til YOU find a position that helps with the pain and labour as remember that it's YOU that is going through it. Noone else in that room with you knows what YOU feel like. Try to relax and have someone with you that will support you no matter what. My hubby was my rock in the labour ward. He was the one thing I could stay focused on and I felt like he would do anything for me.
Trust me, you won't know what position to be in until your there! Good luck! I know it's hard to believe when your going through the pain, but it REALLY is all worth it in the end. Even though I had a hard birthing experience I can't wait to do it again (just not in the to near future!!) smile
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