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Caesarian - Will they let me be fully out? Lock Rss

Hey all. this is my first time here. Im having a caesarian due to bubs being breech, do the doctors allow you to be fully knocked out?

Joanne,SA, 1st time mum to Ryan 7/11/05

I think if you really begged they would, are you worried about something?????
Most times they only put you under if it is an emergency.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Jo
I don't know if there is a reason why you need to be fully knocked out. The doctors can do this but the recovery from the drugs, would be longer before you get to see the baby. I believe they do a full anaesthetic if in emergency situations if mum can't cope.
If you are scared about the procedure, I had an emergency caeser last year, the epidural was put in while I was in labor, I think it would go better when your not having contractions, anyway it wasn't painful, you can feel things but its different. When getting fully blocked for the caeser the doctors put ice on my torso and asked if I could feel the cold to make sure the area was numb. You can feel slight tugging sensations during the surgery. It doesn't take long. And honestly there is nothing like the sound of your babies first cry.
I hope I haven't offended you with this post, you haven't given much information about why.
Goodluck with your birth.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

I ended up having an emergency C after several hours of labour as my baby was stressing. I asked to be knocked out cos I didn't like the idea of being awake while they cut me up. The midwife strongly advised me NOT to be because it would be much harder on my baby to cope with those drugs. Also Hubby/Partner can't be in with you if you are. I had a spinal block and being in labour it was a godsend. I didn't see the needle and didn't feel it at all.
Unfortunately I didn't get to hear my baby cry as they didn't make her because they had to suction her etc cos she had passed meconium. But I did get to see her once they had finished. I'd recommend being awake for sure smile.
Hi jo
iv had 2 children natrly and this is my third
im only 21 weeks and have had complacashions to date.
my gino tells me that the babys placenter is over the utres and ill haft to have a caesarian its my first caesarian and im scared to deth.
Iv deen told that its a lot better to have an epydural but if there is not time and the placenter ters and i have a big bleed thay may need to knock me out.thay hope i make 36 weeks but have been told to prepar for a premy and thay said ill need hormone shots to help devlp the babys lungs.
from Jamie
[email protected]
Hi Jo

If you are having your own doctor then you can request a full general for the c-section. If you are a public patient and have to go with the luck of the draw, they will only give you a full anesthetic if there is a serious problem. A friend of mine has her own OB in a public hospital and she is terrified of needles and absolutely point blank refused to consider having a spinal. She did try to give birth vaginally but after 20 odd hours of labour with failure to progress she had an emergency c-section. The only problem with a full GA is that it will take you longer to wake up and recovery from this, therefore delaying your ability to bond with your baby, or even see your baby for a while. But ultimately that is your choice. I am having an elective c-section on Dec 15th (1st baby) and I am choosing to have a spinal. I am not keen on needles at the best of times and the idea of one going into my spine gives me the horrors, but having spoken to both my OB and anesthetist about all my options I am now feeling comfortable with my choice. Good luck

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

Hey All.

On November 7th 2005 at 1.52pm, weighing 8.3lbs and 49cm in length my little man Ryan Christopher came into this world.

The day was full of ups and downs as they were going to send me home due to other emergencys where coming in to the hospital, but after waiting and being told that I may have him at 5pm that evening, the midwives came rushing in to my room at 1pm saying its TIME TO GO! WHAT A RUSH! Luckily my loving hubby and mum where both with me, as I was nervous and scared to death. They gave me a sedative to calm me down when I got into the theatre, and next thing I knew I couldnt feel my legs and my body. 10 mins later, I was a mum smile

I dont regret having a caesarian now, and I feel to a point stupid for having all these fears. I ended up having a spinal, which I didnt feel the needles, both the local and the spinal. Onya Mr Sedative!

My little man is so so beautiful, and yes I know Im a bit bias, but he is the best thing!

Take care

Joanne & Ryan smile

Joanne,SA, 1st time mum to Ryan 7/11/05

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