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Ovarian Cyst Lock Rss

At my 19 week scan they found a cyst on my ovary 10 x 10x 7 cm. I am doing shared care through my GP and hospital. My GP sent me to a OBS/Gyno who said that being so large it may twist or rupture requiring emergency surgery, or if nothing happens I may go through the labour and have surgery 6 weeks later to remove the cyst or have a c/s and have the cyst removed at the same time. Has anyone had this - and what happened..I see the specialists at the hospital on Friday. I was just wondering about other peoples experience.
Hi Berni
I also have an ovarian cyst. 10 x 8 cm I am seeing the obs/gyno at the hospital who has taken over my care. My Cyst was found at 8weeks. I am now 20weeks. The way they are managing my care is regular ultrasound and loads of rest. I was intially told that i would need surgery to remove this, due to the risk of rupture or twisting. I am on bi weekly u/s and reviews. I have been told now that unless something drastic happens I will have it removed after bub has arrived.

Doesnt enlighten you too much I know. Just wanted you to know that there are other people out here going through it too.
I also know of a lady who delivered naturally only a matter of a month ago who had a 9.5 x10 cm cyst
Mum and Bub are well

Good luck with it all

I have found that i am showing a whole lot more this time than any of the other preganancies are you ?

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

Hi Juanita,
this is only my second child but I am bigger this time and my son was 10'10 born, so I'm hoping to go early this time or have a c/s and have the cyst removed at the same time. I have a san this Thursday and then see a obs/gyno on Friday at the hospital to work out a management plan. At my last hospital visit I saw a midwife and she was not real concerned. What hospital are you going through??
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