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3rd C-sect Lock Rss

In may/june next year I will be having my 3rd c-sect. My first two have been emergency c-sects and tho im having a scheduled one it is unlikely I will make it to 'the date' I will probably have another emergency csect.

I am VERY nervous about having a 3rd c-sect as it was only 6 months ago I had my daughter and Im worried that my scar hasnt healed properly and what recovery will be like.

Has anyone else had 3 c-sects? Was it the same as the first two? Did you have electives, scheduled for medical reasons or emergency?

Has anyone had 2 c-sects in under 12 months? I'm looking at 10-11 months between mine.

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hi there,
im due to have my third c/s in about 3/4 weeks time, the first was emergency at 34 weeks the second was and elective at 39 weeks and this one is what i like to call a forced elective! (cause they wont let me try natural)
i wouldnt worry too much about having them soo close together as your dr would probably be keeping a close eye on you anyway as you seem to be "high risk" i have read a couple of your other posts and was wondering why your other bubs were early?
there was a big diffrence for me between the last 2 experiences mainly cause i was just 18 and scared sh*tless (scuse the french) the first time and the second i knew what i was in for! i didnt have a problem with recovering from the last two at all i was up and about within hours with the 2nd!
anyway i know i havent answered your questions but try not to be to nervous


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