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Pain and lots of it Lock Rss

Hi guys
I've got this severe pain in my pubic bone it feels like I'm splitting in half. I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and tis has been happening on and off for the past couple of weeks only now it's pretty much permanent. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it is and what I should do. It's making it especially hard to do anything with my 3 year old ds. Just freaking out a little here any help would be appreciated thanks.


Sounds terrible you poor thing. If I was you I would get it checked out by a DR. Sorry I have know idea what it could be.

Let us know how you get on.

Hey there, sounds like the same pain as what i started getting when i was 30 weeks. i mentioned it to the midwife and she told me to go see a physio. turns out it was called "pubic symphosis" and its where your hormone relaxin relaxes the muscles in your pelvis which causes it to seperate and move in ways it shouldnt. it can cause a hell of a lot of pain during ur pregnancy. go and talk to someone straight away and see a physio cause if it is that it can be managed with taping and regular physio. im now 8 days over due and i still get it!!
oh and by the way apparently its really good for labour cause it already means ur stretchy down there, just not good in preg.
good luck!!
I had either the same thing or something very similar with DS. I found it was worse at the end of the day, especially if I did a lot of walking... although by the last few weeks it was pretty constant. It is only everything stretching, but it is a horrific pain. By the end of the day I often couldn't walk or even get out of a chair because it hurt so much. I didn't see a physio, but maybe they can help. It does go away as soon as bubb is born, (and my labour was very quick so maybe that is to do with being so stretched), but it doesn't make the pregnancy too enjoyable.
I hope you find a cure - and if you do please PM me because I will probably get it again this time. Good luck.
with my dd i had exactly the same pain. I was very worried about it and the midwife and doctor just explained that its everything moving. Im having the same difficulties with this preganancy also. I find that if i have an active day cleaning etc then by the evening the pain is coming on. By the end of my first pregnancy it seemed to become more tolerable. I fould that due to the pain being there all the time i just got used to it. I mentioned my pain this time to the ob. and he suggested for me to be drinking atleast 2 glasses of milk a day to strengthen the bones that are moving around. Not sure if it will work but im going to give it a try. Heres hoping. lol

hi. had the same thing with this pregnancy starting from about 13 weeks. Ended up seeing a physio who fitted me with a pelvic brace. Amazing how much it helped. My problem was that the left side of my pelvis had slipped out and was tearing the muscles in my groin. After four weeks of physio it popped back in and since then no problems (fingers crossed). The pelvic brace worked miracles tho. Hope this helps!!

I had this early on in the pregnancy and i have now had it for the last 4/5 weeks.

It felt like something was cracking down there and i could actually feel it moving.

I have extreme trouble rolling over in bed because its so painful, i have trouble lifting my legs when i want to get changed and i have trouble sitting down in some positions. I also get this burning sensation down there and right on my pubic bone and i'm having more trouble walking.

My ob said the same thing and to go to physio.

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