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Hi girls

im expecting twins at the end of feburary, i was wanting to know the birth stories of your twins!!

i am hoping to do this naturally!! but only 1 of the mums in the twin group my son & I attend have done it naturally

i had a 72 hr labour (49hrs 51mins full on) with my DS who is now 16mths old
i had PET and extremely HBP

just hoping i wont have such a hard time this time as giving birth 2 twins is going to be hard enough

Looking forward to reading your birth experiences!!!

Hi there...are your twins ID or fraternal? I have ID girls (almost 8months)and due to accute TTTS I had them emergency C-section with general at 34 weeks. My pregnancy was high risk so I knew it would be a c-s anyway...but not just so sudden! There is a multiple thread under "your baby's family" that you might find useful also.
BTW congrats on your twin pregnancy. Having twins is an amazing experience! I can't imagine having just ONE! I feel sorry for those who just get the one! lol!
Enjoy it, you are very lucky!
they are fraternal

congrats on ur ID girls! are they ur only 2??

These are my first although we lost 2 little angels along the way. If I had an extra pair of hands I'd have triplets if I could! My 2 are playing together now and it is just lovely to see them interact. I know that they will always have a very special connection. It is priceless to watch them grin and reach for each other every morning when they see each other smile Congrats and remember to take it easy as you get further along.
Mine are ID twins to, high risk also due to the possibility of TTTS syndrom lucky we didn't get that.. born via C sec at almost 38 weeks.. the C sec was because they were both transverse and being twins they won't turn them as it's to dangerous.

Good luck.. if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
Here are my 2 births stories (had 2 sets of twins)

Elisha & David 27/11/99 Everything went well & we had a hassle free pregnancy but I got real heavy real quick. I went into labour at 9pm & went straight to the hospital because that's what the dr. said we had to do, we paced most of the night & nothing seemed to be happening so I rested & at about 3am we called our babysitters as Caleb & Amos were going to be there for the birth. I got up to go to the toilet at about 4:30am & when I got off I leant on the edge of the bed waiting for Stuart to finish talking to the babysitters, when I felt a gush, I thought it was my waters breaking but Stuart told me not to look & went to get the midwife as it was blood. I was put straight on to my back on the bed & at 6:12am Elisha was born, I only saw him for 2 secs & he was taken to be worked on, David was born at 6:25am & again I only saw him for a couple of secs. I had no drugs & they were both head down. They were 6 weeks early & spent 2 weeks in NICU in the low risk section. I breastfeed for 12 mths.
Elisha 4lb 10oz
David 5lb 12oz

Peter & Malachi 8/1/04 We were planning a home birth for this last pregnancy but because of a shortage of midwives & a few problems along the way it didn't happen. Everything was going great until about 21 weeks & then 2 of our homebirth midwives had some family issues that had to be sorted out so they wouldn't be available to deliver our babies & they couldn't get replacements, so we went to the hospital we booked into earlier in the pregnancy incase of emergancy & went through the rest of the pregnancy with a local GP & 2 of our homebirth midwives but we had to deliver at the hospital. At the 30 week ultrasound everything was great but at the 37 week ultrasound twin 2 was a bit small & they were both breech so we had to have a more indepth ultrasound the next week. At that ultrasound they were both the same weight but they were still breech. As I wanted a natural delivery we saw a Dr. who was willing to do it only if they were bottom first(they were) not feet first. She did an internal & found I was 3cm dilated so she talked to her team to see if they would be willing to induce & deliver them. On the 8th of Jan we were induced at 9am & my waters were broken at 9:30am by 10am I was ready to push so the Dr. put me on my hands & knees & Peter's bottom was almost out & the rest of him slipped out quicker than the Dr. intended, he was taken & looked at while I got back onto my back, everything stopped so I was flipped back on my hands & knees & Malachi zipped out, again faster than intended. From start to finish it was 2 1/2 hrs with no drugs & we were home the next day. They were born at 38 weeks 2 days. I breastfeed for 15mths
Peter 6lb 1oz
Malachi 5lb 5oz

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double post
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Have a look at this YouTube clip, it is inspiring.
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