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Elective Caesarean under General Anaesthetic anyone?! Rss

Hi! I had Placenta Praevia with my baby boy. I found out my placenta was 'low' at 18weeks, and they said 'it could move'! It didnt! In later scans we found out it wasnt over the os but about 5mm away, but baby's cord was attached low too so huge risks involved. The specialist obstrician is was put under put the fear of God into me on our first visit to him, tellin gme what I was and wasnt allowed to do for the next 3 months! But this really ground home the seriousness of this condition. I was booked for an elective Caesaren at 38 weeks. All went totally problem free, until I hit theatre. In pre-admission is was told I could have a spinal anaesthetic - great I would know what was going on and my husband could be there too. Got to theatre and the Anaesthetist wasnt the one from pre-admission, and he refused to do it under spinal so 2mins before I was wheeled into theatre I was suddenly told I was having general anaesthetic. A horrible experience I dont wish on anyone.My husband wasnt allowed into theatre so neither of us saw the birth. I wound up with no birth experience, and didnt see my baby until he was 2hrs old, wasnt fully aware of anything that was happening around me until about 10hrs later.
In the days that followed I soldiered on as you do and was fine until I got home. Then it hit me that I had no picture of how baby got from inside me to in my arms. A very weird concept. I balled my eyes out for days, everytime I thought about what I had missed I cried. I had a wondeful midwife who helped me get through it trying to fill in the gaps as best we could. I am doing much better now, but its still there, and always will be. I'd love to hear from anyone else who might have had a similar experience or might be facing a similar situation.
Always Keep Smiling tho!!

Jes, NZ, Noah 10mnths

Hey there Jes my mate had to have her c seciton under general too, but for different circumstances then your own. IN her case the spinal or epidural didnt work. therefore there was no other option left. She too had similar emotions to yours, and has found this hard to cope with. Her daughter also spent two weeks in special care.

IF i was you, I would lay a complaint, as it obviously hasnt come out why the anethatist refused ur spinal block and allowd u to loose the most emotionally charged, happiest times, amazing times ofyour life.

I was awake for mine, and I strongly insisted on a general but was refused one of those and you knw hwat, I am so unbelievably glad that I was awake for the experience, and can understand how someone can loose so much if put rightunder. But i would reccomend complaining, and finding out exactly why the aneathitist refused this.

Take care Love Kel and KEnzie xoxoxo
p,s where abouts in Nz are you?? I am from nelson

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

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