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Think I've been in labour for 5 days Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same.....
I have been getting contractions now for 5days and they are between 7 and 10 mins apart...... they are bearable, they just take my breath away!!!
I have told my obs and he checked my cervix and its still closed. He said that it is because this is my second and I will feel a lot more....
Has anyone else had the same? and if so how long did it last before you went to the next stage??
I just want it all to happen now.....

#2 arrived 1 week early and very fast

Hi there,

I'm in a similar situation right now. I have been in pre-labour for three weeks! Apparently it is common for 2nd bub to not engage as easily as first. I have however started dilating. I was 1cm three weeks ago, then 2cm the following week. My doc streched me to 3cm to trigger labour and nothing happened so early this week she streched me to 4cm and again nothing!! I had contractions three weeks ago but they stopped, so because I have dilated it is considered pre-labour. Are you sure you are having contractions? you would have gone into active labour by now if you had surely. I have been having really intense brackton hicks that are uncomfortable and lots of cramps similar to what I had with number 1 at the start of labour but no more contractions, perhaps that's what you are having??. You would have definately dilated by now if they were real contractions. Good luck with everything!
What the PP said is right. I have very intense, what seemed like contractions, strong enough to wake you from your sleep about 4 weeks before I had DD3. My OB told me that with each and every pregnancy after your first you feel the pains early and stronger hence why alot of 2nd (and so on) timers have alot of false alarms.

Good luck to you both with your upcoming deliveries - Hopefully it will not be long now until you are both holding your precious little bundles of joy!


Yes I'm in the same boat too. Been like this for two weeks and this is my 2nd pregnancy too. Its just pre labour. Its anoying i know. I think I'd rather not have any pains at all, because everyday I'm disapointed that it doesn't turn into real labour!

Good Luck with it all.

Mum of two darling boys

Hi There,

It sounds like your expriencing pre labour BH
I have been experiencing the same things, but my ob has not told me that it is common with the second bub. Actually they have not told me much at all. I get braxton hicks for at least 4 periods in a day. and then sometimes really bad cramping for hours on end. I am just over the 36 week mark, and hoping that it will come in a week or two like my first did.
Hope yours turns to labour soon.
Mine was five days also, woke me up in the night and "stop and hang onto something" kinda pain that was sometimes regular enough to time and others were hours inbetween. My waters broke and still nothing so was induced about 15 hours later - I had not dilated at all when they started the drip and it was three hours exactly from then.

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