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  5. does this sound like the start of labour??

does this sound like the start of labour?? Lock Rss

hi all im 34.1 weeks and all day ive been having tighting up the top of my belly and it goes down to like below my ceaser scar and its pretty sharp when it gets down there, and it hurts when i sit. pulse im going to the loo about every hour or so since about 12 last night i dont have diarrhoea or constapation. I dont wanna go to he hospital or call them cause i dont wanna sound stupid as this is my second. and the is no chance of this baby being to small as they say it weighs over 6 or so lb already.

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if it's tightening without pain then it's probably Braxton Hicks, if pain then contractions. Have you had "the show"?
It's best to ring your maternity ward and talk to a doctor/midwife if you are in any doubt. U are only 34 weeks so you dont wanna take the chance. If anything to you is unusual then ask...
Your not being silly and I'm sure that they wouldn't think you were.
If you find out that nothing is wrong and your not going into premature labour than that is a good thing for you and bubs and I'm sure the doctors/midwives would be relieved too.
I hope everything is all good..
If the tightening is becoming more intense each time and you can time it well (like is it every 30 minutes) or so, then you could be in labour. If not it could just be Braxtons Hicks. Think the going to the loo thing is pretty common. I was getting false BH when I was about 32 weeks, so it's not unusual for them to be this early. If you're still in doubt, you can always give the hospital a call, I'm sure they wont mind. Best of luck.

Sam and Hayley and bub

congrats smile it not long to go now
keep us posted


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