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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

OH NO its all come back to me.... i am due on the 4th of October with my second (after 20years since i had my DS)...

even though i remembered parts of it... after reading some of these stories i wonder why would i do this again... but the obvious answer is the precious bundle of joy at the end of the process...

i do have to admit that i was laughing my head off when i was reading some of these threads.
and here I am going it again with No. 3!!!!!!!!!!!
These stories are hilarious, but prob not @ the time! Do they really have to check your stitches???? gasp I've been lucky so far and not had them ... can my luck continue this time round??? Once I'm out of the delivery room, thats been it ... I even got to change my own pads and everything!!!
My most embarrasing moment was in the bath in labour with dd1 and telling mw I needed a poo, she says "well get out of that bath right now, we need to do an internal" and with her on one side and dh on the other, they lifted me out of the bath and across the hallway to the delivery room in the starkers!! All the time I'm saying "I need a poo,I need a poo" and then they put me on the bed and she gets all gloved up for this internal, turns back to me to do it and says "oh, I can't do an internal now, I can see the head!!" So 20 min later I'm holding my daughter and I say to the mw "so when does the hard bit come?" ... whatever, I wasn't even on drugs!!!
With dd2 I pooed. But DH reckons I didnt. But I saw them whip it away, so I know I did. But the weirdest thing is I didn't even feel it come out! So THAT"S something to look 4ward to, pooing without even knowing it ... !!!!

I was in the lift in labour with my twins, going up to the labour ward and hanging on to the rails and my DH for support. I had this tremendous urge to push for some reason so I started to take my knickers off! Right there in the public lift - there was DH, myself, an oler women and her 2 teenage sons that were absolutly horrified! I just remember my DH trying to hold the lift doors open and get me out and I was NOT moving, I had my knickers off down around my ankles by this time and I remember looking up and seeing how red faced these poor teenage boys were. I knew at that instant it wasnt 'appropiate behaviour' I was displaying but I couldnt have cared less.

The poor mum and kids went and got the midwife for me and DH. I think DH was even more embarrassed.

Im in tears from laughing so hard...
Wow! These stories make my labour seem tame lol. With DS I was soo worried about pooing during labour. Thankfully it never happened!

I had a bleed while 32 weeks pregnant, while I was on the toilet right after a poo, I freaked out and just walked out of the toilet, undies round my legs, when I ran into my soon-to-be BIL. I started crying and hugged him aand told him what was wrong. He got DF who took me to hospital. Still hadnt flushed =S Got to the hospital and they asked in the ED what happened. I had to explain infront of a room of people EXACTLY what happened! So redfaced! They whisked me off to a ward and examined me. my face dropped when the nurse bought out a long metal tong like thing and bottle of lube! It was to open me up so she could look inside. That wasnt so bad but being told that the reason I bled was because of rough sex was! The bowel movement opened up the scratch letting out blood. oops! My grandmother was with me too! We all have a good laugh about it now though!

After birth I was embarrassed when the nurses came to my hous to check stitches. Im really self concious of my bum and don't even like DF looking at it! I had to lay on my side, bum towards the nurse while she spread my cheeks to take a look! I was mortified but new it had to be done! Unlike alot of people though, the bleeding stopped after 3 days so the nurses didnt have to work around a pad!

1st poo after birth was so scary! I was petrified of how much it would hurt. I look so many fibre supliments and ate so much fruit to help out! Im suprised I didnt have a panic attack from how scared I was. it wasnt all that bad though. didnt hurt any more than peeing did. I'm glad its all over and done with but will have to go through it again in a few weeks haha.

Its amazing how much we go through for our children! They better dam appreciate it lol. They are so worth it though. every bit of pain, embarrasment, and otherwise is all forgotten when they are in your arms <3

Ladies you crack me up and make me feel so much better.
I feel so sick when I get too hot, so I spent my labor completely naked. My mum who is a trained midwife said I was probably the least dignified person she has ever seen in labor. I had at least 8 staff in the room when bub was born and seriously didn't care. I remember them checking how badly I had torn. I didn't have the pleasure of being stiched up in the room, I was taken to surgery. The hospital wasn't great and it took them 3 days before someone checked my stitches.
I had problems breastfeeding and had a lactation consultant make me take my top off and had a few nurses tell her what they could see. No one wanted to point out the fact that my boobs are a cup size different. Then I had a lovely midwife humiliate me and made me feel inadiquite at 3am when she hand expressed me and could only get 1ml.
I think possibly one of my least dignified moments was when I finally could go back to my gp, she checked my stitches while mum held bub, then it was mums turn to get checked down there before an operation.

Great thread!
baby #1 not much happened although I remember asking if I could please go home now (just after transition) that I had decided that I didn't want a baby anymore!

baby #2 I pooed a bit whilst pushing, had my dad in the room watching the birth so wasn't a great thing to have happen! Also had Mum in with me then and as a 24 year old remember calling her "Mummy" at the height of my pain..Stitching up time and I let one go whilst doctor had her head down stitching away, she let it clear a little before an embarassed me says 'oops sorry'! "Happens all the time!" she says!

baby #3 I pooed again whilst pushing, only when I was doing it, I could smell it and asked while crying "did someone poo, I can smell poo!!"! of course it was me! also when DD came out she pooed all over me, not nice that sticky black meconium!

baby #4 More poo this time whilst pushing, by this stage DH doesn't give a crap about poo, he is just gobsmacked at how big my B hole is whilst pushing head out, most amazing thing ever in his book! That and the happy gas that he was puffing away on every time the midwife left the room!

next one is due very soon and I don't care about anything anymore, poo, blood, farts, urinating, stitches, all is forgotten soon after you have that little bundle in your excited..bring it on I say!

OMG LMAO! im crying that was so funny.

I am a first time mum here. Due date is 08 Oct, about 15 days away.

I must agree this is really a Great Thread!!! I have asked many friends about their birthing experience but no one actually tell me anything like what I have read here!

Fingers crossed of a smooth delivery! But at least I know better now about what may happen! I must also warn DH about all the gross possibility! And I am thinking only to allow him standing beside me but not to look "there" for baby born in case he see our lovely baby out with poo sticking on her...yuck!
LOL! I have just spent the last hour reading these posts. They cracked me up big time. Don't worry, mine was just as bad.

I had DD natural with an epidural. When we first got there i jumped in the shower and had the pephedine shot. I was naked the whole way through, just had the towel over me. Obviously we took plently of photo's durning the whole thing (can i suggest looking at them closely first before showing others, on one of them has my boob hanging out LOL! My cousin's husband got to see that. He's the one that noticed it) So shameful!!

Anyways, so had the epidural and legs in straps. Yep, Did the poo too, but didn't even know. DH told me later that it stunk! Ended up with a 3rd degree tear, so got stitched up. The Doctor was half way through and i said "I can feel that!".

Can't remember about the trip to the shower, but im sure it was all the same as the rest of you. Totally agree, First time pee really hurt. I made it my mission to only pee in the shower. (So had plently of showers)

I had the frozen blocks given to my too. I loved them.

Most funnist thing (I'm 37 wks now) I work with men in a Vehicle Service Centre, and i let on drop in front of the Manager and the Workshop Foreman. All i could say was "Pregnancy Gas". They laughed and said they wished they could use that excuse.

After DD's birth, i was getting out of the shower, was all dried and was standing on one leg to put my socks on. And..... I pee'd.... All down my leg and all over the bath mat. Oh my God.... telling DH i just pee'd myself. LOL

Anyways. This is a great thread and has been a good laugh.
We've all gone through it or get to go through it. Lets see how this one goes in 3 weeks time.

I just thought I would add this one so that new mums aren't totally freaked by now.....

No vaginal examinations at all in 2 pregnancy and births, candle lit room, my own space, submerged in water, 1 midwife, 1 husband and for my 2nd birth 1 dd. No visitors until we called and said come over. No embarrassing moments. The worst (which was nothing) was letting the midwife (who was by now a good friend after 6months of frequent visits) check for swelling and my graze in the days following the birth.
I had a homebirth with an independant midwife.

You ALWAYS have the right to say no. smile
I just stumbled upon this post...........and i thought the IVF was confronting, scary and im thinking that birth may far exceed that! Thanks for this, it certainly does show that its not all period pain, modesty and no problems!!
I'm still giggling about the psyching yourself up for a poo comment! That is so true!!

I had a caesarean so the nurse would come in a couple times a day to put a painkiller up my bum... so not comfy but works a dream! She used to joke with me about it as she was doing it which helped, but couldnt really laugh much cos my wound hurt too much!!

By the time you have had the doctors and nurses with their hand 3/4 up your vajay feeling how much your cervix has dilated, theres no modesty left!

I remember having a sponge bath after my labour ending in emergency c section was done when one of my friends was there. I told her she could stay if she wanted.. i bet when the nurse was done and she saw all the gunk and blood wiped away she wished she hadnt of!!

Im kinda glad in a way I didnt find this thread before I had my baby or I may have been mortified!!

This is such a funny thread, its not real funny at the time, but is sure is after!!
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