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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

I was in the lift in labour with my twins, going up to the labour ward and hanging on to the rails and my DH for support. I had this tremendous urge to push for some reason so I started to take my knickers off! Right there in the public lift - there was DH, myself, an oler women and her 2 teenage sons that were absolutly horrified! I just remember my DH trying to hold the lift doors open and get me out and I was NOT moving, I had my knickers off down around my ankles by this time and I remember looking up and seeing how red faced these poor teenage boys were. I knew at that instant it wasnt 'appropiate behaviour' I was displaying but I couldnt have cared less.

The poor mum and kids went and got the midwife for me and DH. I think DH was even more embarrassed.

OMG I'm still laughing with tears rolling down face. Sorry that is way too funny.

I guess what I remember being really yucky was I had a CS after an long induced labour and having the nurse changing my revolting pads as I was out of it.
Also get used of people asking can I see your nipples and it not seeming like a strange question
it's odd cause all the embarrassing things that happened during my labour i remember so clearly and yet never feeling the slightest bit worried about it at the time!

i had a huge nightshirt on during, and managed to keep it on until my mother (who was worried cause i was progressing REALLY fast) asked the midwife to check me. after lying down to be examined (crying cause it was excruciating to lie down during my contractions) they realised DD was breech and i then lay on that table for a good twenty minutes while about 12 hospital staff came in and out to do ultrasounds and eventually prepare me for a c-section (including the GORGEOUS doctor who induced me. rather awkward having both this mans up my hoochie while my partner was there.) evenually i remember my mum leaning over to ask me if i wanted a sheet to cover myself with. up until lthen i hadn't even noticed!
and walking around during early labour with your waters leaking EVERYWHERE. mine broke in the ward and then i changed two pad in ten minutes. i put a new one literally a second before i started walking towards the labour suite and i had barely gone four steps before it was all over the floor again.
i had a midwife following me with a mop...
I had DS via C section at 6.30pm, had visiters straight away wen i got wheeled out and looked like a complete wreck...and even tho i winged for ages the midwives didnt come to get me up and out of bed until 1 the next afternoon and i had visiters all day and my hair was everywhere, my pee bag was full i felt so gross cos i hadnt had a shower and when the finally got me up blood just went everywhere (and i was in a room with 5 other ladies) and DP was freaking out

oh and one night thay gave us pork for dinner and me and DS got the was tring to run to the toilet while DS was screaming in pain and pooping through the sheets and im sure everyone would of heard me in there ... oh and for some reason DP wasnt allowed in after visiting hrs even tho ohter peoples husbands were there unsure
Thank you so much for starting this thread and for sharing all of your stories! OMG I am so naive. It's good to get a realistic idea of what I am in for (this is my first one and perhaps my last?!?!). I am totally banning visitors to the hospital!!!

Thank you so much for starting this thread and for sharing all of your stories! OMG I am so naive. It's good to get a realistic idea of what I am in for (this is my first one and perhaps my last?!?!). I am totally banning visitors to the hospital!!!

Haha I have already discussed this with DF! I was like if you let anyone into that room before I'm cleaned up and showered then you are going to be in massive trouble! Because more than likely it would be his parents that would do that, my parents would at least respect my privacy!

hahaha! some of these stories are hilarious! they make mine seem like nothing...
how funny are those clots!
i remember getting up to go to the toilet during one of the many nights i spent in hospital. i was just about to walk out of the bathroom when my whole stomach felt really strange then all of a sudden i feel something fall out of me, slip out of my pad and roll down the side of one of my pj pant legs before hitting the floor. i had no idea what it was and hell freaked out. i had a night nurse in my room at the time and was like. umm something just came out of me!!!

i was thinking about it all a few weeks ago, i was so humiliated that DH had to see my like that, in all my pooing, bloody, puking glory, that i didnt want him to come in with me for this bubz.
its all so embarrasing when you think about it after, but your still able to laugh about it which makes it okay.

i remember my aunty saying, leave your dignity at the door of the hospital and collect it again on the way out. im pretty sure i didnt collect mine again until bubz stopped breastfeeding!

oh and btw, i swear having a baby has given me the weakest bladder ever! I was in the licensing centre, i had just passed my practical test and was signing papers n that when i had "an accident" it was soooo embarrasing because the line behind me was HUGE, i just turned to the lady at the counter n said, um i've had an accident. she was like, huh :S
not only that, my driving instructor had to drive me home :/
OMG I am crying with laughter here ! these stories bring the embarrassment of it all back..

I am considered to be a massive prude by my friends, so my hubby was always joking about how I was going to handle the birth of our bub .

my mum tells a story when she had just my brother and the maternity ward was one big room and a male nurse with a trolly of pads walking around to everyone asking do you need more pads? hehehe

so was just my luck to get to recovery after c section and I have this male nurse looking after me changing my pads a couple of times... I was mortified but I had bigger things on my mind, I was sky high on drugs and desperate to see my baby.

then 2.5 hours after bub was born, just got back to my room, in laws all there, mw came in checking up on me and I felt a huge rush of liquid between my legs and on the bed. I still had no use of legs so had to ask with everyone there ummm can u pls check between um my legs and that cleared the room pretty quickly.

about 20 different people sqeezing my boobs and checking me out breastfeeding.... ah who cares by the end of it all I was breastfeeding in front of whoever was there.

mw made me save the wees in the toilet cup thingy to check out , was pretty gross ..with all those huge clots in there! and then visitors would use my bathroom and get all freaked out ....
LMAO this is the funniest thread i have ever seen, i have had tears streaming down my cheeks in laughter... Absolute gold, although with 3 weeks to go, i am a little frightened of what i am in for this time!! LMAO Hopefully it will go as smoothly as it did with Ryder lol

Hang your dignity at the door on your way in ladies!!
Ha ha ha!!
I was butt naked by the time my little man arrived. It was about 40 degrees in the middle of Summer so I had nothing on, with 2 midwives, the doctor, my mum, my husband and a trainee nurse all in the delivery room with me!!
Could never look any of them in the eye again!!
This thread is worthy of 'Pinned' status!

Thanks everyone for being so candid, in your quest for educating first time mums and dads!

I'm still giggling ....
With my first all was fine no pooing nothing a small tear which didnt require stitches but unfortunately my placenta got caught on my pelvic, the doctore had to do what he called "a search and retrieval" or I had to go to surgery .......... I chose the first option got given a shot of pethadine, and off he went after giving birth up he went with his hand... I tell you pethadine wasnt enough at that stage anyways had to unhook it and bring out the placenta in a trillion pieces. Well this happened on a shift change close to midnight so I had staff changing over popping thier heads in and googling saying hi and bye then there were the 4 or 5 trainee doctors standing around looking because this was unusual and it would be good experience for them ..... what about me 21 years old and any pride or modesty flew out the door that night was neever quite the same again..

Had four more children all went as smooth as could be

The last one I think I actually pooped .... wouldnt of known if my DH hadnt of said whats that smell arrrggghhhh

Number seven is in the oven please be smooth!! roll eyes
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