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Toowoomba Birth Rss

Are there any other mums out there who gave birth at the Toowoomba Base Hospital? I will be having my second baby there by c/s and I was hoping that other mums could tell me a bit about their stay there.

Hi I had my son there who has just turned three. No doubt a few things have changed but overall it was quite good. Probably a funny thing to say but the food was great!!! The only thing I would say is that probably like most places there were good midwives and bad but just be clear about your wishes and make sure you get all the info/answers to things that you want and you will be fine. I have left toowoomba now and given the options I have seen since I would go back there anyday. Good Luck.
PS. Toowoomba must be starting to get chilly now. LOL.
Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure what the weather is like there. I live 3 hours away, and its the nearest main hospital that will do an elective c/s, so I will have to go there for the birth.

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