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Waters breaking Lock Rss

I know this may sound quiet silly but im pregnant with my first bub and always wonder if you could tell if your waters break if you're on the toilet? Could you just not notice?
Hi Denae,

When my water broke - MY GOD did they break...I sat on the loo for 1/2 an hour...My doctor warned me that I had lots of fluid..

But I tell you what happened - I was already in hospital and I was laying bed and heard 2 POPPING noises within side me...didn't think anything of it until I stood up and WOOSH - my water had broke..

So you will know - trust me!!!

Clare xxx

PS Goodluck...

Hi Denae,
with my 2nd my waters would leak (as if I had wet myself) if I was laying down. But if I was standing or sitting they would stop. Everyone is different though. I was not showing as baby was growing towards the back and didn't retain to much water. My 3rd was like I couldn't stop weeing. My 4th I couldn't get of the toilet. They all broke during the night so I was lucky to be at home. It also smells like aemonia if this helps.
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