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# 3 Arrival time + weight Lock Rss

#1: 41+6, 9lb2oz
#2: 39+6, 7lb14oz
#3: 40, 8lb8oz

I really don't think you can assume your going to have a large baby based on your previous ones.
I agree with Dansally, you may as well wait like you want.
DD1 41&5 3.33kg (6yrs) 6hr labour
DD2 39&4 3.44kg (3yrs) 3.5hr waterbirth
DS1 41&3 3.46kg (2wks) 3hr born in shower

My third was the best & easiest birth, a 1st degree tear no stitches & felt terrific after delivering, was home later in the evening.

#1 DD at 42 weeks induced 8lb 10oz
#2 DS 39+5 induced 11lb 5oz

For this pregnancy I had a 2 hour gestational diabetes test at 18 weeks and will have it again at 26 weeks because of the size of my babies and I have a 28 week scan already booked. Im so hoping a get a small baby this time round. Good luck and it great they are keeping an eye on bub grin
DD1 41 wks +3 - 8lb 14oz
DD2 41 wks - 10lb 2oz
DD3 41 wks +2 - 11lb 14oz

My OB estimated DD3 to be about 9lb before she was born, it is hard to be accurate, so try not to stress and give baby a bit more time so long as you both are healthy smile
My blessings

1 ST, emergency. C section 38wks 2 days. 8 pound. 8 ounces
2ND Miscarrage natural Birth 16wks 200grams sad
3RD emergency c section 37wks 5 pounds 13 ounces
4TH. Miscarrage D/C 11 wks.

Emergency c sections due my bicornuate uterus.
Thanks ladies. I feel a bit more confident to dig my heels in now! It's hard to disagree with professional opinion and a wealth of experience when that's what you are paying for! My last two births were drug free, so even if around the 4kg mark, hopefully things will be just fine. It's such a long time away, we'll deal with it (and the obs preferred plan) later in the year.
DD1- 37+5- 2.55kg/ 5lb 10oz (c-sect due to breech & PE)
DD2- 40+1- 3.29kg/ 7lb 4oz (VBAC)

I think the docs should wait and see as you go along, before they start talking inductions and such. Crossing fingers you will be able to stick to your guns and let bubs come naturally! =)

Just out of ob tells me each baby generally gets bigger than the one before. Already talking about inducing me @ 39 weeks for macrosomia (large baby) When did your bubs arrive and how much did they weigh?


# 1 - 39 wks 4 days, 3.6kg
# 2 - 39 wks 3 days, 4kg
# 3 - ??

I agree with one of your other posts that ob's induce basically for convenience (not mine though he likes to wait as long as possible!).

Your babies aren't that big for when they were born? Don't know what you ob is on about!

My babies were big!

DS#1- 37 weeks 3.6kg
DS#2- 38 weeks 3.8kg
DD- 37 weeks 4kg
DS#3- 39 weeks 3.5kg
#5- hoping for another petite bub like DS#3

My ob never suggested induction because of their size and I alway measured at least 2 weeks ahead.

ETA- Did you have trouble delivering them? Is that why your ob is suggesting early induction? I had no trouble delivering my bubs maybe thats why induction was never suggested. DS#3 was induced but it was my health not his size.
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