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HypnoBirthing classes Lock Rss

Hi Mamas, I took HypnoBirthing classes during my pregnancy and they were AMAZING! The classes are all about staying positive and relaxed through the birth, and also getting the birth companion involved, so my husband loved them too. In fact, I was inspired to become a HypnoBirthing practitioner myself. Check out my website

Thanks, Gemma
Good on you Gemma!! smile
We attended hypno birthing classes in Hamilton before the birth of DS2, and it made such an amazing difference. We were dreaming of a home birth, or at least birth centre, but ended up in hospital being induced and what I had learnt really helped.
At the time I thought it was a bit too much money to spend, but I am so glad we did.
I would also recommend any future mums to read Ina May Gaskin's 'Guide to Childbirth'

I would love to try somthing like this. Unfortunately my last pregnancy I had GD so that put me in high risk category and had to be in a ward for high risk pregnancy and delivery. I think I am damned to get it again next pregnancy so I'll probably be in the same next time around. But I would love to try hypno birthing or a home birth or even a water birth, I've not had the luxury of trying any of those, had to be on the bed the entire time with monitors on belly, not very fun lol
I'm envious of those who get to thier own unique and special planned birthing experiance. Enjoy smile

Hiya SouthCoastChick smile
I was induced with both of mine, connected to an iv and monitor, I just bounced right by the bed on my yoga ball for hours I end smile
The second time round I had learnt to 'own' the birthing process as far as possible smile

Omg Gemma I am so happy to find this post!

I am due in July and I really would love to attend some Hypnobirthing Classes - I have been searching online but I cannot see anyone that does them in my area (Taranaki)

I am 37 weeks and have also taken hypnobirthing classes. My husband and I loved them. We do practice together and genuinely enjoy the feeling of wellbeing and calmness they promote. They have certainly helped me feel more prepared for giving birth.
YOu can order "hypnobabies" online (just write hypnobabies in google). It is slightly different but I have heard it is far more in depth. Including providing you a practice schedule to help condition your mind over time. Unfortunately hypnobirthing didn't offer me that but i just found what works for me and went with that. If you can't get to classes, then ordering hypnobabies programme online migjt be the next best thing. Its also arouns the same price as hypnobirthing classes.
I also took up a hypnobirthing home study course since I’m tired of going out. They use soothing music that is conducive for learning which made me more relaxed and calm. You can even listen to the Hypnobirthing Mp3s/CD albums as you drift off to sleep.I was really happy and fulfilled about the result of my birth experience.
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