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Famiy Frustrations, can you help? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am due with bub #1 on June 6th (C Section) but i have this frustration i cant get rid of.

My partner's parents have 5 grand daughters already & this one will be #6, having said that, i really dont want them to have anything to do with this one.

I don't wanna sound rude, selfish or anything like that but his parents are LOUD, have awful language & basically the opposite of my family (we cant even have the 2 families together in the same place as they don't get along either).

Is there anything i can do to restrict their contact with my daughter without being too obvious or does anyone else have a problem like this? I know she'll be their grand daughter all the same but i would rather she not be influenced by them as they're not what i want her to be like. They have 2 granddaughters (my nieces) that are both 3 & when they get together they go feral & i think i'd go nuts with my little one ending up like that.

PLEASE, can someone give me some advise on this coz i know my other half doesn't like that i'm not a fan of his family but it's hard to be around people that come across as so uncivilised?????!

I dont even think i want my partner's parents to hold my daughter - in the past 8+ years we've been together - they haven't even attempted to become more civilised or anything - his mother has tried to go all punk & pierced at the age of 42 (trying to be 16 again i think since she missed out) & his 16 yr old sister has more piercings than i can even think of places to put them.


Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

Hi Kel,

Wow, you poor thing it sounds like they're pretty feral! Do you live close to them, or pretty far away? Are your parents close?

The only thing I can think of is to always ask your parents to babysit and not ask them, and when you're around your in-laws, keep an eye on what goes on and if someone is doing or saying something you don't want your child to witness, speak up. Don't be afraid to say "please don't say that word in front of my child" or something similar, you are her Mum after all and are only doing the best thing by her.

What does your partner think of his Mum going all punk and feral? If he doesn't agree with it then at least you have his support on that!

Good luck and if I think of anything else I'll let you know!

honey you and me are two alike
My MIL has 5 grandaughter,and when i was pregnant my partners dad was like
"It better be a boy,i dont want another girl"

I had a girl by the way
His parents are chain smokers,his fathers an aloholic,and his mother a pathological liar!!!!
She smokes in the house ,infront of the childen,and they all swear and yell and get into fight
MY partner hates his parents so that a help to me
You let themknow that this is your child,you will be doing things your way!!!
And they are going to ask to babysit!!!
So you tell them when you are ready to you will let them know(so u dont really have too)
I know how hard it is but stand your ground!!!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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