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scared of labour (but this in #2) Lock Rss

I was just wanting to know from people who have had more than 1 bub, if it really is easier the second time around??? (and please be honest!)

I'm due with #2 in December (I have an almost 2 yr old). I'm SO SO SO Scared of going into labour!!! I still remember in a lot of detail how bad it was. I keep trying to focus on the end product...not working for me.
My first child was 34 hrs long and i had no drugs what so ever! If your thinking, that was pretty dumb, I agree and disagree, however i had no choice in the matter due to the fact that I have a spine problem and can't have and epi. I also react badly to morphine and pethadine (hope i've spelt that ok)- I get loss of memory on the stuff and i got loopy- not in a good way. I was breathing too fast to try gas. And the only other option was a drip (like what you get for pain, after you have surgery- but the drug goes right to the baby and they have the same effects that a drug addict mother, would give the the baby.
More than likely I will have to go drug free again.
Last time the only type of thing i hired was a TENS machine (massage via small electirc volts - feels like accupuncture)But it didn't help at all.
Did anyone else go through a fear of labour the 2nd time around????
Boy, I am going through a massive fear of labour for the third time round. My first was so easy, I would have had 20 more babies rather then get my ears pierced a 2nd time, now I would get pierced anywhere to not have to go through it again. My second birth was really fast and full on, and hurt like hell.

I used to cry at just the mention of having another prior to us falling pregnant. I was so afraid that once I was pregnant I would start to panic and really wind myself up with all this anxiety. I have had a few times where I have thought holy crap what have I done, but honestly now with only 6 wks left to go I am getting really excited, and am suprisingly calm. I do still have some bad days, and had a really bad week, when my GP said I should have a c section as bubs looked like it would be huge. I am now just seeing the hospital obs and he has reassured me and put my mind at ease heaps, and has said baby feels average smile

One thing I do know is that it is hard to get support if you are afraid once you have given birth before as everyone just assumes you should have no fear. I reckon it is worse as you know what can/could happen, and the midwives little lines of "oh you will forget all about it as soon as you hold your baby" and others don't do anything to reassure you. It has been 5 yrs since the birth of my daughter and I haven't forgotten any of it. With the good/easy birth of my son however I have.

We are going to antenatal classes to learn techniques to cope with labour, like breathing exercises, etc perhaps this would help you and put your mind at ease. Good Luck smile
Hi Amy,

I read your post and can relate. If you look at the post I left on Bad Birth Experiences you will see what I mean. I am now preganant with number 3 due on 8/09/06 (a boy), my two other boys are 6 and 8 years. If I just thought about the experiences I had with them I would never have a had a third. The second birth was quite a bit more simple than the first, but as I still did not have adequate coaching through the birth, things did not go my way. Through the whole labour my husband was great getting me to breathe through the contractions (as my second I went through transition in the car on the way). Once we got to the hospital the midwives took over and hubby was a little diasppointed. This time around I am going to deliver standing up and hubby and my OB (who is bloody fantastic) are going to coach me through the whole birth on when to push and when not to push. The OB is almost certain I will not tear at all this time around. He is even told me to bring in a mirror so I can see what I need to do (the hospital does not provide mirrors which he thinks is pathetic). I have turned all the negatives from both previous experiences and turned them into a positive. I am really looking forward to the birth and are not an inch bit scared as it is going to be done my way. Hubby and I are even prepared if I have to deliver at home.

Hope this helps calm your fears.


P.S. The only thing I hated most about my births was the stinging sensation as the head crowns, but now believe that if I let this pain take it's course it will be more benefit to me.
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