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Well My babys arrived two weeks and one day early. Its a girl, Heres Chelseas Story
ill tell you all of the birth story of Chelsea that i remember, and what iv been told hehe gotta love the drugs. Also sorry if its long. And for the record i did nothing to induce her either. I was gona book an induction on tues as the doctor asked that i try and wait till then and if she hadnt arrived by then well he'll induce me sometime after that.
I got my first contraction at 6:27pm wednesday night and they kept coming every twenty mintues for several hours. To begin with we thought that it was another false labour so we left it but cos they kept happening and i was occasionally having minor ones in between we wrote them down just in case. We ended up going over to my SILs for a while and by the time we left at 8 30ish they where about every 10 mintues. We rang the hospital and they said to stay at home as they didnt know whether i was in labour or not and that if it got to much to handle then come in. So i rang mum got her over, just in case and rang Pups parents. By 10 30 we ended up going to the hospital as my contractions where every minute and lasting 40 seconds.
I still hadnt had a show nor had i lost my plug or waters break.
At 12.20 i made them give me gas and it felt so wierd. At 12.40 am the nurse comfirmed that i was in labour she did an internal and found i was 2-3cms dilated and that she could feel widgets head. The re did the internal at 2am and found i was 4-5 cms dialated. and i had a show. At 2:15 am they gave me a pethadine/maxalon mix.
My waters finally broke at 3:45 am and then i felt my fist urge to push at 3 :50 am.
From about 30 minutes after the pethadine till the urge about 20 minutes after my first urge to push i dont remember much. I know i didnt want pup to leave my side and that i had a go at him cos he was telling me to breathe through the contractions. and that i nearly broke his fingers. i do remember my waters breaking the pop and the gush is was weird. They reckoned i only screamed a few times and that they all needed ear plugs, ear muffs and a load of other stuff to block it out. They lady next door thought i was being murdered lol.
After my first urge to push they tried to take the gas off of me. Manily once i started coming around so about 4:20 am. But i didnt want them to i refused to let go of it and i got shitty cos they wanted to take it away. So they disconneccted it and left me the mouth
THen they told me to push and i pushed Chelseas head crowned and cos it hurt i shut my legs and she popped back in. So i had to push her out again. In total it took three pushes to get her out. And she litterally popped outta there. I pushed and the midwife went to go help pull her out or what ever they do and Chelsea Flew through her hand and fell on the bed. She was born at 4:27am exactly 10 hours after my first contraction.
She weighed 5 pound 12 oz, was 44cm long, and her head circumfrence was 32 cms.
I ended up with only minor tears and grazing NO STITCHES YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People where right though i dont remember the pain as soon as she came out its like its forgotten. I know it hurt but thats it.
thats about all i can remember i dont remember loosing my clothes, but i tell you what i was that out of it. I do remember each contraction adn the song IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES BY RONAN KEATING playing in the back ground. But thats it.
Love Bek

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Congratulations on Chelseas arrival Bek!! Your whole life will change - and its all worth it!! My son is 7 weeks old now, and I fall in love with him more everyday! U did good girl!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Congratulations Bek. I loved your birth story and i hope to add to it soon! Im sure my story will be as long as yours when my time comes.

Did you regret not remembering everything because of the drugs? or do you think it wouldnt have gone so smoothly if you didnt have them?

Beky, NZ, due 10 Sep 03

Congratulations Bek and Peter and welcome to the world Chelsea. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes it made think of the miracle of birth and when I gave birth to my little boy ( 10 1/2 hrs and emergency cesear wouldn't change a thing). What a wonderful gift and experience child birth is though the pain we could do without. 2 hours after having our little boy I told hubby that we were going to start on number two as soon as possible the poor guy just about fell over with shock. 17 months later we still haven’t started as I decided that I want to enjoy our little man a bit longer first and we are due to move interstate soon and I don’t want a big belly whilst moving. Once again congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood and new experiences

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Congratulations Bek & Peter & a big welcome to Chelsea. You have the best experience ever ahead of both of you. Chelsea will bring you both a lifetime of laughter, love & happiness. As Marti said - you will love her more & more with each day. My love for my new son ( now 10months) grows beyond belief with every new day. The amount of love you can have for your child is unbelievable. Congrats to you all once again.

Nome, QLD, 4yr old girl, 9 mth old boy.

Congrats Bek,
Great to hear ur birth went well and baby Chelsea is here. Im soooo jealous, why cant i go early??????? lol
Everybodys having their babys b4 me,, my daughter who was due 9 days after me is having her ceaser on monday 8.9.03. ive only got 1 week to go but just wish it was my turn NOW!!!!!!!

No.7 Due 12.9.03

thanks all. Beky, in answer to your question i couldnt have done it without the drugs it was too painful i was crying with ever contraction that i was having before i had thegas and even with the gas after a while thats why i had the pethadine.

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi Bek,

Congratulations to you and your new family.
Thankyou for sharing your story!
The fun is just beginning!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hey Bek, just like to say congrats on the birth of baby chelsea. smile
my baby girl is due in 7weeks and i cant wait.
take care
luv sheree
Congratulations smile And thankyou for sharing your beautiful story. Babies are such a miracle.

I have to agree with a few of the previous posts. I fall in love with my daughter more everyday. She is soo beautiful. The pain of labour is well worth it hey? I'm willing to have another one day after me and my fiance are married.

Congrats again Bek. May you, Chelsea and Peter have a beautiful life together.
Congratulations, i'm so glad that you and your baby girl are fine.
Thanks for the birth story just hope I'm as brave as you were and everything goes well.You can injoy little Chelsea and watch her grow as well as each others Love.
Best wishes Pina
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