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Varicose Veins in Pregnancy Rss

Hi mum78,

That's always the way, isn't it? Hopefully he's ok and his mum has received help. I'd hate to see any of them end up as statistics. I think I mentioned to you in your post that my hubby is a cop? Honestly, he's come home a few times and absolutely broken down with some of the things he deals with at work. Child abuse is always amongst it all.

I've also got all of you in my prayers. Smile because you're not alone : )

Take care

NSW, Mum of 3.5

Hello everybody,

I have been away on holidays for a week (lucky me) so I thought I'd pop back on tonight and say hello.

Hope everybody is going well.

We went to Coffs Harbour for a week, and it was a nice time relaxing and taking it easy (as best as you can with an almost 2 year old who is toilet training).

We went swimming a lot and I felt like a real fruit loop wearing my support stockings at the beach and in the pool. I also wore socks with them (to protect the feet - at $103 a pair I don't want to get a run in them)

But at least I was able to enjoy myself like everyone else could, coz if I took the stockings off then it is awlful for afterwards when you are out of the water!

I have another treatment of acupuncture tomorrow - I really do not know if it is working or not - I will have a real hard think about it in the next few days after this next treatment. I can say though, that no new veins have popped up since last treatment - that is a plus!!

Anyway, it is almost countdown time for me till my EDD! (I actually need to work out exactly how many weeks I am first - it is funny, with my first pregnancy I knew exactly what week I was all of the time, but with this one I really do lose track what week I am - I just know 'am due end of April".

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Michelle

So pleased to find all these other women with vaginal varicose veins. Isn't the lack of information out there ridiculous, as is the attitude of most midwives and ob/gyns. I guess the pain is not something you can even begin to imagine unless you have it. Was very interested to hear your experience of pain after the birth, as I keeping bringing it up with midwives and ob and keeping getting told "It will be fine they go away, you shouldn't bleed to death if you tear". Gee thanks how reassuring!! And they are not much more helpful when I enquire as to trying to remain upright and moving until actual delivery time, I am assuming the pain is going to be immense with all that pressure! I have a 16mth old boy (no veins with that pregnancy) which makes having the veins even more interesting, especially when I have to pick him up and seem to be forever squatting down to him or toys - not pleasent! Anyway its good to have a whinge with people who understand, and would love to hear anymore comments on how delivery went.

PS: With 3.5wks to go the baby is already engaged, I thought 2nd babies didn't engage until labour, anyone had this happen, does it mean I might go sooner then later - hears hoping!

Kirstyn, NSW, Due 28/03/05, Will 11/10/03

Hi Kirstyn,

sorry to hear you are in the same boat as us. Hope all goes well for you during the birth. You are fortunate you did not get them with your first pregnancy. If you are to have another baby, trust me, you will get them again and they will be A LOT worse. (speaking from experience).
I didn't have pelvic varicose veins in my first pregnancy however I do this time. With only 7 weeks to go (YAY!!) the pain has stepped up a degree or two for me in the last week.
I would like to hear how the birth of your baby goes, in particular how the veins affected you with it all. So, can you jump back on afterwards and let us know?
All the best.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Linda

Thanks for the reply. I will let everyone know how the birth goes, hopefully sooner rather than later. This whole getting worse with each pregnancy is no good. I always thought that we would have another child, but the pain and discomfort in this pregnancy makes me think twice, although I suppose its like labour and you tend to forget! As you say at least my 1st pregnancy was vein free.


Kirstyn, NSW, Due 28/03/05, Will 11/10/03

Thank you ladies for providing me with an answer to what the pain I am feeling in my pelvic area might possibly be. I am seven months into my second pregnancy and I didn't experience any varicose veins with my first. I had noticed a couple that had popped up on my left leg but didn't think it would also be the case in my pelvic area. Unfortunately because I have a two year old, I am working at night on my feet and after a couple of hours the pain gets quite bad. I will try out the emu oil to see if that works first and if not go for other options. Just really wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences and getting me onto the right track. Now for my next ob appointment I will go in at least with some sort of knowledge of how I am feeling.
Venorid is the serum helped me to recover from the spider vein on my pregnancy times. I suffered lot and got relief with the help of venorid. I followed the instructions. Impressed! grin
I suffered lot in varicose vein trouble after my first delivery. I googled and purchased the serum called venorid and helped me to recover. That time was very painful to takecare of child.
You r right Aronabi. I too tried venorid serum like you when i was young monther. Its helped to recover from varicose vein. I ordered from India and I got it 30 days latter. I used this serum for 2 months 3 bottle and completely fine now.
What is Venorid serum? I googled for varicose vein the name i got. Anybody used this? Is it really working? I can see many positive review abt this but before make purchase i want to clarify the real feedback from who used this serum. Suggestions welcome.
my sister got the varicose veins problem when her pregnancy time. then she was prescribed with venorid.
It does not magically eradicate the veins. It causes them to fade gradually. When I used it the first time, I detected right away that they had faded a bit. I tried to use it everyday. I didn't see a change every single time I used it, but often enough that I could tell it's working. I'm actually still in the process of getting rid of them completely
I am a 31-year-old mother of 1. I am typically pretty healthy and not overweight. As a result of my pregnancies, I developed varicose veins in my legs, some of which were very large and painful. I have started out only applying venorid once a day for a few weeks because my body skin is sensitive. but I am SO grateful for the decrease in pain!!
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