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feelings of labour Lock Rss

Hello and how is everyone! i have noticed the forums have been a little quiet maybe everyones busy with labour lol or their little darlings.
My questions is about labour or the start of labour should i say, with my first i was induced so i didnt really feel anything start off.
I am now 3 days till my due date and the baby is moving heaps, all of a sudden ill get sharp pains and it will feel like arms and legs going in all directions and a great ammount of pressure on my pelvis almost making it impossible to stand, then i wont feel anything for a good few hours this has been happening for the past 2 days after movement had really slowed down! whats happening am i having braxton hicks or is the baby playful all of a sudden, although i dont know where he finds the room or is labour on the way, i also feel a tingle sensation like something pushing down about to make my bladder burst, has anyone else had feelings like this

cathy vic 3 and 4 month old

hi carlie, first of all, i would like 2 introduce myself, my name is lorraine, i have 4 sons & 1 daughter(7mth) i remember having those feelings as well, she would move around inside me like mad, & would feel sharp pains in bottom of abdoman, was about a week 0r to b4 i gave birth, i could well be a sigh labpour is on it's way:) good luck:).........take care, lorraine.
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