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What were you doing when your waters broke? Lock Rss

I haven't had the experience of my waters breaking and I would love to hear what other people were doing / where you were etc when your waters broke.

Qld, 14,12,10, 5 yr old girls, and baby boy!

Hi first time around i was at my mums during the earl stages of labour and when i was contracting my mum squeezed my belly to feel how tight it was and wooosh all over her couch, i was so embaressed.
the second time i was in the emergency department waiting room with a really high temp and also in the early stages of labour then all of a sudden my waters broke all over the waiting room chair.
again so embaressed.
hopefully this time it will be in private not in the middle of the supermarket or something.

looking forward to hearing other stories.

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

With my 1st daughter, I was in established labour (23hrs along) and I had a sudden urge to push, I pushed and broke my own waters on the toilet. 15 minutes later my daughter was born. Same with my 2nd daughter but, she was born 5 minutes after I broke my waters from pushing.


Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

When my water break I was in the bath to help with the contractions and than next minute I saw all this red lump stuff in the bath and I didnt what was til I rang the hospital and thats when I realise my water had broken and it wasnt long til my daughter was born and the whole labour went for 5 hours and once we got to the hospital and put me into a room my daughter was born 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital and I didnt have any drugs.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I went to bet at about 10pm with DP and I turned to him and said- Ïm not afraid of my waters breaking in public, I'm sure it's only a small percentage of people who's break before they start having contractions anyway.... then about 5 seconds later I felt this trickle- grabbed a tissue and there was water seeping out.... I stood up and it kept trickling.
We waited 1/2hour and it kept going - very slight trickle every now and then, which was slightly green, so we called the hospital and headed in. My labour never started overnight, so they induced me at 9am the next morning.

Funny hey?
sorry, went ot BED, not bet....
i had mild contractions all night they were getting a bit more painful but still a long time i went to bed...only to wake up at 3 in the morning to go to the toilet when woosh i felt a sudden drop.i thought i pee'd my pants ! it took me about 10minutes to work out my waters broken. still i had a shower, washed and blow dried my hair, painted my nails, rang my nana in nsw's, rang my brother and the family, and even had a bit of breaky before going to the hospital at around 530....i don't know what i was thinking doing all those silly things before i went to hospital but i think its pretty funny now i look back at it.

Danni, WA,

My waters didn't break until I was well and truly in labour. My waters broke twice, firstly while I was sort of crouching next to the birthing bed, I was leaning up against my OH when they broke all over his leg!
The second water broke just as they were putting the epidural in my back, it broke with a significant "pop" sound.

I was actually sitting at the computer talking to some friends on MSN. I went into labour 1 hour later and give birth to my daughter 12 hours after that.

Bec- Sunshine Coast, QLD, DD-Ashlee 26/03/07

With my first i was being induced and the doctors broke my waters.

With my second i was actually sitting on the computer looking at this site. my hubby and DD #1
i had been having contractions for a few hours after being sent home from a failed gel induction.
I heard this weird popping sound just as hubby was getting in the car to go out with DD#1, i looked at him and nothing else happened so i waved him off. then about 10 mins later it felt like another contraction and all this water came gushing out on to the computer chair i ran (well waddled) to the toilet and more came out

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi everyone!

Yeah mine were broken by the midwife at the hospital. We weren't sure if they had been leaking as I was getting fluid coming out through early labour but it turned out to be a 'show'. Roxy was born about 15hrs later though.
Horrible looking hook-y things they use though aye? LOL! xx

Roxanne 19mth, Culain 2mth

My waters broke on my due date just after I had been to the loo. After doing my pelvic floor exercises like a mad woman during oregnancy I had a moment where I got depressed and thought I was "leaking".

I then realised after taking a step to go back to the loo and gushing everywhere that my waters had broken.

I was booked for an induction the next day and rang the hospital just to let them know and said I'd see them in the morning but was told to come in straight away.

My contractions didn't start so I was put on the drip, however after nine hours and only progressing to 5 cm's (and I was three cm's dilated three days before my waters broke) I had an emergency c-section and gave birth to my beautiful whopper of a boy, Hayden.

Apparently his head was too big to come down and make me dilate - he was 11 pound 10 born - and the pressure from his weight had made me dilate and my waters break.

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