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Group B Strep Lock Rss

I have had a test for Group B Strep and it has come back positive. I am 38 weeks pregnant, so not long to go now until the big day arrives. Just wondering if anybody else out there has had this Group B during Labour, any feedback on the subject would be greatly appreciated as I am a little concerned that I will be inflicting illness on to my newborn little boy.
You will not be inflicting illness on your baby. Group B Strep is reasonably common. Your doctor should have prescribed antibiotics which you should collect from your chemist (if you haven't already done so) and take the medication with you to the hospital when you go into labour, you will be given injections at intervals which will protect the baby from infection. Don't stress, it'll be fine!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

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