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Public vs Private in Brisbane Lock Rss

Hi all
I had my first child in NSW in the public hospital and had a wonderful experience.

Since then I have moved to Brisbane and am expecting my second baby. I have heard all sorts of horror stories about the public system in Brissie and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on public vs private in Brisbane.



Hi! I had my first 3 months ago at the Mater public and the service was great! One of my midwives even called me from home the next day to see why I had a c-sec and to make sure my little bub was ok (she finished her shift before a c-sec was decided). The only thing I found hard was that partners weren't allowed after 8pm and couldn't come until 8am. When you're given your new baby when you're still numb from the boobs down...what do you do? I've had a friend since have a bub in the Mater private and she mentioned that because all the normal labour rooms were taken up she was put into another floor of labour rooms with no ball, cd player, aromatherapy etc. I've only had one experience though but I'd definitely recommend the Mater. Maybe it's more the other parts of the hospitals that have a bad name?

I think the public system in Bris is fantastic. we have some great hospys! Redlands, Mater, Royal Bris.... all my top picks!

I went private and am about to again ( the Wesley) It was absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't choose another option!

One of my friends has been public Caboolture & Redcliffe. She had a great experience at Caboolture and a shocking one at Redcliffe. I think you will here good and bad stories no matter where you go.....

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

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I went to the Redlands Public Hospital 9 months ago and it was fantastic. I will be going again in approx 12 weeks grin
I would recommend it to anyone xxx

secondtimeround... Redlands are my fav smile sooo supportive of women having me there (im a Doula) its fantastic! Have a great birth and enjoy your time in the redlands smile

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