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Swan Districts Hospital Lock Rss

Has anyone had there baby at this Hospital. I'ts where I am planning on having my first baby and I would like to know how they treat you there? What's it like at this hospital? I am looking forward to hearing from those who have!

Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

I live in Wa, but had my first baby at the Birthing Centre at Subiaco, absolutely fantastic. I have heard of the Swan Districts Hospital, but never a birth story. I have also heard of Armadale-Kelmscott Hospital and only heard good reports run my mid wives not doctors this is where i am planning to have my next baby or at home because we live so far away from Subiaco now. Hope your birth is fantastic it is a big choice where to have your baby, if you need any more info on the birthing centre or armadale-kelmscott let me know i will try to help.

bec, wa , 2 yr old


congrats on your impending arrival... i used to live in WA i am now in NSW, but i lived in the Guildford, Swan View area through all my previous 3 pregnancies... im not sure what the hospital is like now, but during my births in 97, 99 & 02 there wasnt alot of positive news coming from the maternity ward... a friend had her baby there and had a episiotomy (sp!!) had to be done 3 times before they got it right... like i said this is some time ago so the quality of care might be much better i know the state govt was spending funds there to upgrade the maternity wing

Anyhoo i had my children at Kalamunda Hospital it was the most wonderful experience very homely, i couldnt recommend it high enough

Well let us know what you decide to do.. the other thing is your OBGYN might only deliver at Swan Districts which is worth keeping in mind... might limit your choices somewhat!

Take Care

Michael 11/08/99,Rebekah 24/04/02,Thomas 15/01/06

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