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Hi there, One of our members has suggested that we start up a new forum Pregnancy After Loss, w...

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I had a friend who lost her 3 month old to SIDS just the other day. It is absolutely heartbreaking. She is on the verge of committin...


Forum Name Change

Hi everyone, We have had quite a bit of feedback from our members letting us know that the old ...

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Miscarriage and work

Hi all, We found out on Tuesday that our baby had died in utero (9 weeks, 2days) and I phoned my...

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Sorry to hear this, I'd be taking the week off and showing the medical cert.


Empty gestational sac

Hi everyone, I'm a little concerned at the moment, I went for a scan today, just a routine d...

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There's no chance that you ovulated later than usual? Did you use ovulation tests?


How long did it take for your period to return after miscarriage?

Hey ladies, I'm almost 4 months post ERPOC @ 12weeks and still haven't had a period - ...

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NZkmt wrote: I had a Dr app this week - i was meant too see a OBGYN but she ended up calling in sick, so the rebooked me last minute...


Ectopic Pregnancy :(

Hey ladies, I've just returned from the hospital after having an ectopic pregnancy along with my ...

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Some women are more at risk than others of suffering with an ectopic pregnancy. Having an awareness can help identify those more at ...


HCG dropping slowly after d and c :-(

Hi everyone I would love some advice or peoples experience in this area. I had a d and c on dec 5...

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HCG levels after early miscarriage

Hi, I'm after some advice because I can't find the answers I'm looking for. I had...

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I read that if a natural miscarriage takes place over an extended period of time, the rapid HcG drop could happen at any point betwe...


Help don't want to lose another baby

Hi , I lost a baby nov 19 , 13weeks before I found out I was pregnant I found out I had gestation...

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Hi Tammy, I would be researching into urine therapy immediately, to see if it is ok for you. I would guess yes, however I don'...


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Wanting others thoughts

I have basically been pregnant for 2 years having this will be my 4th miscarriage. So I am used t...

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Thanks for your reply and I am sorry for your loss. Yes its all still a waiting game. Have bloods, all is fine there. Bleeding has s...


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Blighted ovum support

Hi I've just found out today that I have a blighted ovum. I went for a scan last week and ...

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So just a little update, it's all very confusing. I met with the specialist doctor last Friday who told me that due to the fact...


Going through a miscarriage today

Last week I found out great news that I was pregnant, worried about prior miscarriages I was wrap...

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Hi, is there an active miscarriage thread? thanks


Miscarriage at 10 weeks

I recently just suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks gestation (less than a week ago) and have foun...

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Hi, is there an active miscarriage thread? thanks