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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

Thanks Stina. March is a nice time to have a baby, I remember having a very distinct feeling early on that this pregnancy just felt different to the last, I think that's definitely a positive sign. So happy for you! Keep me posted on how things are going ?Are you on Facebook?

Hello beautiful ladies,

It's been a while - I have been a bit quiet on the forum but checking this thread for updates from you both.

SuttonToBe - glad to hear all is going well with you! Wow 16 weeks that has flown. Having a big bleed must have been scary, thank goodness all was okay. December will be here before you know it.

Stina - YAY! Congratulations on your BFP. Fingers crossed this is a sticky one for you, I think March is a great time to have a bub too.

AFM - it's been an emotional rollercoaster these last two months. I'm currently on CD 22 of our first cycle since my second missed miscarriage d&c at the end of April. I've had a bit of a weird cycle with some mid-cycle bleeding so not sure if this will be the month, but who knows. Wait and see I guess. Trying to be positive that we will get a BFP again soon and when we do it I hope it will be third time lucky.

So great to hear good news from you both. x

Hi Chops30!

So good to hear from you!! Oh I am hoping you have a positive BFP again soon, I know how hard it can be when your cycle doesn't want to play the game my normal one is 27 but one of them went all the way up to 42 days and then my last one was like 31 and I feel so just stay positive and I know it will happen for you soon!

Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!

Great to hear from you Chops!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been on such a roller coaster but as Stina said - hang in there, I really hope you get that BFP and a sticky baby soon xx

The bleeding has been hard work, messes with your head every time it happens. On the upside I've had so many scans that I could already fill a photo album with baby pics!! 17 weeks 1 day now and every day is 1 step closer to a positive outcome smile

Stina - How did your appointment with the Dr go?

Thinking of you both and praying for happy, healthy babes in the near future xxx

Hi Sutton!

Yay for 17 weeks and 1 day that is so great this is your baby for sure and that's so great you've had so many chances to see your little bundle!!

Docs went good she was very excited for me, had some bloods done and am going for a dating scan hopefully next week I am currently 5 weeks and 4 days so still VERY early days but I've been sooooooooooooooo sick much sicker and earlier then last time so hoping that's a positive sign!

Here's to beautiful healthy sticky babies for us all!


Hi Stina

How's it all going? Have you had a scan yet?


Hey gorgeous how are you??

I go for my scan next Wednesday i should be 8 weeks 3 days by my calculations how are you doing??


Awesome! That's great news! How are you feeling?

I'm good. Had my anatomy scan on Tuesday and all was looking good with bubs growth and development. Placenta is a bit low lying but apparently that's common at this stage and by next scan it should be better.

Have been feeling movement for the last few weeks but still panic a little when I haven't felt movement in a day or so.

I'm so excited for you though! Will be great to have your EDD confirmed and see bubs with your own eyes.


I am feeling awful lol soooooooooooooo much sicker this time round everything makes me sick and what is a safe food one day isn't a safe food the next day so it's interesting I've already lost 3.4kgs just from either not eating or bringing up what I do manage to eat!

I'm so glad your doing well and baby is looking good on all your scans it's so exciting!! Are you going to find out the sex?


I know you'll understand what I mean when I say this - I'm glad you've been feeling awful - in the nicest way possible haha. I was the same this time round, it felt so different to last time and I really welcomed that grotty feeling as much as I could.

We're not finding out the sex, so tempting but going to keep it as a surprise.

How did you get on at your scan?


Haha yep I'm the same the worse I feel the happier I am, I actually throw up with a smile on my face because it means everything is going good! I feel sooooooooo much more pregnant this time!

My scan was great the first moments were horrible because I hadn't had enough water so she couldn't get a clear picture but then she did an internal and all was good gorgeous little bubba wriggling around looking like a frog I was only 1 day out with my dates and heart beat was 175bpm so nice and strong!!

There is no way I will go the whole length without finding out the sex I'm way to impatient haha!

How have you been feeling??


Yeah it's a crazy mixed up feeling isn't it!

That's great that your scan went well, even with a horrible start. I'm so pleased everything is looking good for you. So how many weeks does that make you now?

Haha yeah I know. I had a scan while I was in hospital a few weeks ago and Darryl was late so they just started, I was so tempted to get them to tell me while he wasn't there. I knew I'd be disappointed with myself if I had though. As much as I REALLY want to know what we're having I also really want that surprise after having to go through labour. I do have my suspicions that it's a girl though.

I'm feeling really good now, practically normal. Only thing is my back gets really sore, bit early for that and I get really sore hips/legs/knees/lower back around 2am every morning......... not sure what that's all about. Am seeing an Osteopath on Monday so hopefully she will be of some help.


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