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VBAC mummies Rss

I had DS by emergency c/section and am due with #2 in roughly 8 weeks. My Ob has recommended another c/section only because of the risks involved with a VBAC, however I would really like to try a VBAC.

So, I am after any VBAC stories, good or bad and want to know if you would choose a VBAC again, or another c/section.

You could just wait and see what happens - let nature takes its course (so to speak). They can always whip you in for another emergency c/s if some-thing goes pear shaped. If you had dialation problems with #1 - then they often say it may end up in a c/s with #2 - but lots of women do it, so who knows for you.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I was adament with number 2 to go the VBAC route. I listened to all the advise and read all the reports. I weighed up the odds and took the plunge to go VBAC.

Just be aware that you can become the statistic. I had a major uterine rupture during which my baby was forced out of the rupture. I was extremely lucky and manged to come away with a healthy baby, my health and my uterus(about a 1 in 2 million I was told).

If you take the VBAC route just make sure you listen to your body. And make sure you have an emergency team available. 2 minutes can make all the difference.

And my personal opinion....I don't regret it at all. Although my husband may not agree.
Hi everyone:) I'm 18 weeks pregnant with bub number two and had an emergency cesar with my little girl. Labour was progressing well but Darcy's heart rate dropped low and I was taken to theatre. I should mention that my waters weren't clear when they broke and I think that sent alarm bells ringing aswell. I'm planning to have a Vbac with this baby in July. I've been doing a great deal of reading and am hoping to have either a doula or a midwife with me during labour for that extra support. I have found a fantastic website called Birthrites and there is a forum there where women share their successful Vbac stories. It's very inspiring! I am aware of the risks but the stats for rupture a very low, not saying that it can't happen but it's definately worth giving it a go if a 'natural birth is what you're after!!!! What is your ob like?


I had a vbac with number 2 then 3 and 4 the same with a ceaser again with number 5 and im so glad i did.

I have been lucky not 1 prob but each time i did stress a lil as the docs always pushed down my throat that u can rupture so i was always worried but also told the chances were low.

I would do it the same all over again


God I wish I could be like you girs and want a vbac, I am so scared, I was fuly prepared with my 1st to have a vaginal birth then things went wrong, my waters were green and bubs heartrate dropped really low so after 6 hours in labour and had almost pushed him out I had an emergency caeser, so this time I think because of my expierence and because again its like being a 1st time mum expierencing labour i want to have another caeser, havent talked to hospital about this yet im in the public system so i dont know if they will give me the option or if i have to have a vbac...

I dont blame you for being scared but not every time would end that way you were just unlucky to have that happen to you first time round but really if i was you i would try for vbac in the end u dont want to regret they way things were done.


Hi there, I'm in a similar situation as you, I had to have a c/section with my little man 21months ago, All was Ok I just didn't dialate enough & Coop was a big boy, after 30 hours I was taken into theatre, all went well, Second time around now 15 wks & 3 days, I have been given the option to go natural or have another c/section, I'm in the public system. I am a little nervous about the risks of VBAC but they are low, I would rather let nature take it's course & hopefully all will be well. It is scary, but hopefully for all of us in this situation everything will work out fine. My OB is pushing a little for the C/section but my GP is swaying me towards VBAC, who knows, The final decision has to be made by 30 weeks, for everything to be organised, GOOD LUCK!!

Mummy to Cooper 24/05/06, #2 15wks +

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