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  5. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION......any advise or stories would be great

PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION......any advise or stories would be great Lock Rss

Hi All,
I am 24 weeks pregnant and need to make a decision whether or not to have a c-section. I already have two children both who were born naturally, i had severe tearing with my first born but had third degree tearing and some corrective surgery after my second. All has healed well now but I have been told different things by serval midwives and obs about whether i should do this birth naturally or not. Now the decision has ultimately been left up to me. I would love to hear from anyone else who is in or has been in the same situation. Sorry for the long post and thank in advance. Any advise will be very helpful and much appreciated.
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Shaz, everyone has different experiences with c-sections. I had an emergency c-section and it was fine. I hear the recovery is just as painful as recovering from a tear. MY friend always said to me at least you can just lift up your top for the doc to inspect the wound..wink SOunds like you had a tough time the last 2 times.

The decision is up to you,, but what ever desion you make it has to be right for you and the baby. If there is any risk to the baby then you need to consider that.

Most people are scared of the c-section recovery. Remember they give you pain meds and look after you well. If you go for a c-section read up, talk to people and prepare yourself and your family for it. After the first few days you are pretty much over the worst, but everyone is different.

Good luck with your decision and with your pregnancy.

hello Shaz,I understand the situation you are in; is not pleasant at all!!!

From what you have been through already; i would not hesitate in having a caeser. Since you have already suffered terribly its not worth the risk of tearing yet again, and having even more scar tissue etc (plus the fact you have had recorrective surgery). Where abouts are you located?
It can be hard knowing what to do; as theres not enough info out there for girls like us that have suffered like this!!

I had 3rd degree tearing with my first bub 2 years ago; i just had my 2nd bub via caeser 3 weeks ago as my ob that specialises in 3rd and fourth degree tears recommended that i had it. Im having recorrective surgery soon as my tear wasnt stitched properly; and sex is painful etc.
Also, its all well and good for others that havent ever been through this to give advise; i bet many ladies that have had this tearing would agree with me!

Recovery from a caeser is a breeze compared to the tearing I had; i couldnt walk for weeks after my tear compared to up and showering the next day after my caeser! im a wuss when it comes to needles hospitals etc and in my experience the two expereinces dont compare!!

I hope all goes well for you; please pm me if you would like too smile dont feel pressured either way xx

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