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Hi, Im due date is 25th September but will be booking in for a c-section. I know the usually book you in at 39 weeks but that will be a little too close to DS who was born 14th September.

Do you know how early i can book it in? I was thinking of the dates 7th September or the 21st so that my children will have 7 days between their birth dates either side and they can celebrate theirs birthdays on their own weekend.
hey, i guess it depends where you live. I am in NZ and most obst won't book in c sections unless absolutely necessary earlier than 39 weeks. The reason as i understand it that 37 week babies can have some problems with their lungs for some wierd reason when first born. THerefore, they don't like doing 38 week cs cause if you have your dates wrong there is a chance of this. I had daughter at 38 weeks as medically necessary and didn't have a problem with it, but had son at 39 weeks and did have lung probs - they think he was the wrong dates...
you may get lucky and find someone who will do it early, but just be aware that it could possibly add an extra wee complication into the mix..
Hi there,
When you go for a c secton you don't get a choice of the date, the hospital books you in and lets you know. My DD was born on the 30 march this year the same day as her grammie and 5 days before my birthday, i told them i didn't want the 30th but when they book it they book it. Sorry!!!!

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i forgot to say i live in Victoria.

Mother of Two, Courtney 4years & Myia 5 months

I don't think that the amount of days between your childrens birthdays are grounds for when you get your c-section.
That's up to you and your DH when you TTC.

You WONT get the 7th Septmber. Its too early.

Its not like you REALLY get to choose the exact date you have your baby.

Im due 7th december, I was due with my 2nd on the same date! Had her by elected cesarean, and her bday is 22 november. I dont want the exact same bday for this bubs. But a day or so is ok difference. Ideally I would prefer to have this bubs at 39 weeks, rather then the 38 weeks i did with Hailey.

An extra week of not so interrupted sleep! lol

Im finding out my cesarean date on wednesday!

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I was able to pick the date for all my c-sections. My OB wont do them before 38 weeks unless there are medical reasons for doing so. Their main concern is for your health and the health of your baby, not the fact that you may have two kids with the same birthday. My nephew was born by elective c-section at 39 weeks and spent 2 weeks in the NICU as his lungs were still under-developed... as much as we all really want to meet our new bundles of joy and want to try and 'plan' their arrival, at the end of the day a healthy baby is all the really matters.

Posted by: cocodiva04
When you go for a c secton you don't get a choice of the date, the hospital books you in and lets you know.

I got a choice- it was only within the parameters of being a few days either side of the 39 weeks... but i still got a choice.

I dont think you will be able to choose the 7th tho sad too early.
I didnt have a choice, as my baby is frank breech so i'm booked in for 25/9 my due date is 29th. I will be 39 weeks 4 days when bubs comes..

My OB told me this is the date we are booking you in.. wish I HAD a choice I would have loved this week LOL

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your opinions/advise.

I got the date i wanted. 21st September is when DD will be arriving.

The doctors gave me the date and i told them i was relieved etc etc and he said i would only have a day either side to change it as they are almost booked out/ very busy.

So i think it is really up to your doctor/registra on how nice they are and how busy the hospital is too.

Thank you again and best of luck to everyone have their babys soon.
Yay, glad u got the date u wanted!
My OB said because i'm having another c-section they do it at 38 and a half weeks which was exactly my DS's 3rd birthday so she still chose the next date but moved it to 4 days later for me!
I'm stoked coz as long as it wasnt on Cody's actual birthday then i'm happy!
And i'm glad its after his birthday too as dont think my DS would understand if his lil bro or sis always got to have their birthday & presents first every year!
Good luck with ur c-section!

Glad to hear you got your dates, makes planning so much easier. I'm having my 3rd c-section in march and i am picking my date next week. It's my 3rd c-section so they book me in at 38 weeks but not before. Which is my dd 2nd birthday. my Ob is happy to move the date a couple of days but as close to 38 weeks as we can so the chance of labour is minimal. i think all hospitals and Doctors do things their own way and we have to cross our fingers it's the same way we want it, (or find another hospital or DOC lol)

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