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I am DYING for a bath as that is all I had when I was pregnant,
So i was wondering how long after a C-Section can i have a bath?
I had her 3 weeks ago yesterday...

Thankkk you!
I suppose it would depend upon how well you are healing, and most importantly if you could get in/out?

Edit - forgot to add- not to make it too hot or lay there too long as your skin may soften too much around the scar...
Best wishes on your special little one. What a woinderful gift!

Take care as with a bath you have to be able to lift your body weight & pull up out of the bath. I didnt have a bath until after 6 weeks with either bub as i was focused on shower as quick as possible. I love baths and now they are a treat & luxury to relax. When you feel you are ready but just judge carefully. remember all the skin is healing from the inside as well as the outside.

Try to pat your scar dry gently rather than rubbing it to help it heal.

Goodluck & have fun. relax & enjoy your bath.


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