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What is the worst thing PHYSICALLY Lock Rss

I suffered threw the Caesar itself my spinal took to oneside only but after it I didn't really bleed had no pain went out for lunch with dp and dd a day later I was allowed day release to spend time with dd so she didn't feel left out I was walking that day of the caesar and I lost all the baby within like 3 months but I'm still carrying excess weight from my first child whom was born naturally I only had a Caesar because baby b was in a weird position to baby a I do though have the hang over skin lol
I can't even see my scar you wouldn't even know I've had a c-section. I do though have that yucky flab bit but I'm working on it. smile

I felt pretty good after the op and was walking the next day, I did have abit of pain but that is expected. I lost most of my belly except about 5 kilos, compared to my SIL who had a natural birth 6 days after me, I lost my weight fairly quickly.
I cant think of the worst thing!! my c-section was sooooOOooo easy and nice.

I had my flat tummy back a week later. and about 3 weeks later i had my abs back!! you could even see them. I went to the beach in a bikini 3 weeks after and you would never have known id had a csection... or a baby for that matter lol

it seff depends on the person not the c-section i think coz i was tiny (still in size 8 jeans full term)

My c-section didnt hurt at all and it didnt take very long to be back to normal smile
C-sections are awesome hehe
I had twins back in March last year and was booked in for a c-section, howevr my waters broke early and went into labour, after given the spinal block it was discovered that i was fully dilated and twin a's head was engaged i was told i could go ahead with the c-section or push, i did push, twin b however was unable to be turned and the c-section was required. I had very bad pain afterwards, i was unable to get out of bed, and was not able to get up and move unassisted for until 4 days after, every time i walked i had to hold my stomach as it felt that my uterus would fall out, not sure if that is because i had a natural and a c-section but i did need help for 2 weeks with getting in and out of bed etc.. I lost all my baby weight plus 5kg after 2 months without any exercise or diet smile however i still had abit of a lower gut where the cut was made. ..
I am pregnant again and have been advised i cannot go natural again because of the type of cut i have internally.. Not looking forward to the after pain whatsoever..
i have that apron as well but i'm due to have c-section num 3 in a couple on months i think the only real pain i had was when i tryed to get up to fast and with the second baby i had complications eg my previous scar split due to i fell on my face the night before i was due to have it and then the stupid surgeon not sewing me up right the next one didn't knit so when staples were taken out big trouble. But everything fine now but being monitored with last baby to make sure spliting don't happen again and this one will be done by different surgeon.

I never experience a so called natural birth not even one contraction so i have nothing to compare it to. But as you can see i'm doing it for a 3rd time and last tubes are being tied when they do last one.
My 1st was a c-section (breech) and whilst being terrified initially of the operation (never had one before), I was surprised how well I healed. I don't have an apron" but that may be because I didn't put on too much weight beforehand (12kg) and ended up losing even more afterwards. That, as well as being toned (though I'm not) might help the recovery. I've always had a bit of a jelly belly so still had that afterwards but it wasn't really worse than before I was pregnant and I was wearing my "regular" clothes within a month, maybe two.

The pain was worst when trying to get up from reclining position and it was awkward initially moving around with a floppy belly bouncing on the scar but I think it was only a matter of a week or two (I can't actually remember, to be honest) before I was moving almost normally.

I have been told numerous times of late going into labour and then having an emergency c-section is worse on the body ie: two "traumas" one after the other. I'm due to give birth again in about 3-4 weeks and we are still unsure if it will be c-section or natural since I have a low-lying placenta moving slowly away. Doc won't commit till next scan. Not sure how well I'll heal 2nd time around but hope it's just as well as the 1st.
I've had two emergency Caesars.

The worst thing physically about the first was nothing really, apart from getting up too quickly was little ouchy. I had dissolvable stitches and was doing everything in my life normally upon my return home (apart from driving a car, which I didn't do until I had me 6 week check, and lifting heavy things)]

The worst thing physically about my second........having my mangled twisted staples removed : O
My recovery has taken a little longer this time around but my caesar was performed under general and rather hastily so it was a little more ouchy than last, but in saying that, I was still able to do everything as normal upon my return home (laundry, cooking, cleaning, caring for a toddler etc etc.

I'm only 1kg off my pre pregnancy weight (dd is 5 weeks old) and I gained nearly 25kg!!!

No apron or overhang, my stomach was flat immediately after birth.
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