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im 38wks and bub is breech still stubbon like his dad and im thinking of going with this choice instread on ggetting him turned coz i havnt hurd any good things about it.

what happens with a ccaesarean?? and how long is recovery


My first baby was breech and they never really gave me the option of turning him. I was just told few months before that if he didn't turn I was having a c-section. But that was because he was my first. They told me that it's not safe to have a breech baby when it's your first. My mum had my brother breech vaginally, second baby and she had a horrible birth, but he was a huge bubba too. I've had three c-sections now and delivery was much nicer feet first through the incision. DD1 was engaged and had to use the forceps to get her out of the incision. DD2, epidural didn't quite work and sort of felt them pulling her out of it and wasn't nice at all. It's major surgery as you will know and as with any abdominal surgery there is lots of things that can go wrong. I've had three traumatic c-sections, with complication during and after surgery. But you could be fine and recover well. I was fine a couple of weeks after my breech c-section. Had wound break down a bit, which made me feel like crap for a couple of days. If you manage your pain, if you have any. Look after your wound. Don't try to over do anything, you should be fine. My second c-section was an emergency after trying for a VBAC. It didn't progress because of scar tissue from the first c-section. Third I just didn't want to go through that again. But as I've never given birth vaginally I cann't really say which would be easier. Can give you a long list of all of the things that have gone wrong with mine, but in the long run they all seem so insignificant when I look at my three beautiful children. Vaginal might be a bad time, but after it you can get up and tend to your baby right from the start. C-section, have to wait for epidural or spinal block to wear off, then hard to move with drip and catheter in, have to manage pain and can take longer for milk to come in if you're breastfeeding. Read up on everything, ask Dr plenty of questions and I am sure you will do the right thing for you. Good luck:) Can PM if you like.
Theres no reason you can't have a breech vaginal.
Personaly i would be going for it.
I had a C-section at 37 weeks because of a spinal injury i have and i hated every bit of it.
I got a spinal headache from the spinal tap which put me flat on my back for 4 days and had to then have a blood patch which is where i had to get an epidural where they inject your blood into your spine to fix the headache.
Your in so much pain you are grogged out on morphine which then drugs the baby. You can't sit up to breastfeed because the pain in your abdo wound which makes it sooo much harder, you have to go off to recovery without your baby, and then you can't attend to your baby yourself because your hooked up to monitors and the 1st day still have a catheter in because your still numb. There is alot of stuff you need help with which i hated.
Now this is just my option. Some woman have loved it. Make sure you do alot of research so you can then make an informed decision about what birth you want to have.
Doctors will tell you that giving birth vaginally to a breech is dangerous but they also say that it's dangerous to not have a c-section if your not dialating 1cm per hour (thats hospital policy!) Just get yourself well educated and perhaps talk to Mum's that have given birth to a breech bubba.
I personally am doing everything i can to not have a c-sction this time around i know it will be painful as all hell but it has got to be better than being in pain for 4-6 weeks post birth and not being able to attend to your baby post birth.
I wish you all the best for your birth no matter what you choose.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

Depends where you are too. I HAD NO option other than c section or being flown to major city for the birth, which meant DH would have missed the birth of our only child.

Breech vaginal births have huge risks, which is why most OBs dislike birthing in that manner.

C section is not a breeze. There are about 6 weeks of recovery before you are allowed to drive or lift anything other than your baby. This can be shorter or longer depending. There is more pain & more chance of infection. The internal healing of the uterus etc takes 12 months.

However, if your medical professionals are suggesting c section over vaginal, listen to them. They are looking out for the welfare of you & your baby. DO NOT feel guilty about your choice to go with c section, as some try to make you feel.


All the best & look forward to hearing your birth announcement.
Hi my baby was breech until last week as well, however I am still having a c-section as I didn't have a great Virginal Birth last time, pulled all the ligaments in my pelvis and couldn't even stand ever lone walk, was on crutches couldn't carry my baby (my point is virginal births are not a walk in the park either and so much can still go wrong even if baby is doing exactly what he/she should) or do anything for myself. SO I'm having an elective C-section this time. I know a lot of ppl are VERY VERY judgmental of this but you have to do what is right for you and your baby. I am following the advice of professionals and I think friends and family like to think they know best but that is not always the case. I suggest you do your research and listen to your LMC and OB. Remember they know the risks to you and bubs inside out and the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are baby are healthy and well smile All the best!
I had a very positive experience with my breech/c-section. I had every intention of going natural, but my baby came eight weeks early and was breech, so I had an emergency c-section at Waikato.

It's true that the first few days after the surgery is rough. But listen to those nurses (and the doctor) and even if you don't think you need this or to do that, FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE. There were several things I was doubtful about (probably my own pride in thinking I was "tough" or knew better, ha!). But they really know what they're doing and in just a few days I had a dramatic recovery. I went from quite a bit of pain and barely able to move to being able to walk from my room to the NICU to visit my baby several times a day. Take it slow, but keep it up. Take the pain meds, do the therapy, wear the silly socks, and don't overdo it. It IS major surgery, after all. smile

In the end, it's your decision, but listen to the medical professionals and weigh their advice heavily. Good luck!
I went in for my first naturally and had 4th degree tearing, was off my feet with a catheter in for the first day or two. The second, I had a cesarean and was off my feet for the same amount of time. The only difference was that I was able to keep my bits in one piece the second time <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
I was still able to hold my baby, and with a stretchy physio band over my tummy, it didn't hurt that much when I coughed or sneezed.
Go with your doctors recommendations, because if you tear too much giving birth with a breech, you could have problems going to the toilet the rest of your life. It's a risk you need to think about.
But then again, your body is going to do what it's going to do.
Agree with that. When I said my mum had a horrible birth, I ment that she had a tear and she said that she had problems for years after. Didn't help that she had me 20mths later and they cut where she had the tear to get me out, so she had even more scar tissue. Don't know why they didn't cut her with my brother instead of letting her tear like that. Suppose times have changed lol. I listened to my medical staff when I had a breech baby and they were very helpful. Gave me heaps of information and support. Good luck:)
I've had both. My first baby I had vaginally - an 8-hour labour, no problems and straight-forward recovery. It was, of course, hard work and painful but that's childbirth for you.

My second child turned breech in the final month. My OB was very very reluctant to try a breech delivery and some medical professionals I know who've been involved with them also said to avoid it. I was devastated because I really wanted a vaginal birth so I could get home to my 18-month-old and normality as fast as possible. I've also had bad experiences with minor surgery and some hang-ups about it all, so I was not interested in a c-sect at all. My Obstetrician knew my concerns and how determined I was to go naturally. He is about my age and very modern and realistic. We discussed turning bub but he said that the risks to my health and the baby were not worth it compared to the safety of a c-sect. I wanted to wait to see if the baby turned back, even though my OB didn't think it would. I even contemplated waiting until I went into labour and then having an emergency c-sect if it hadn't turned (yes, I was getting desperate!!)

My OB booked me in as late as possible (about 39 weeks). The c-sect was very quick and baby comes out looking quite perfect (head not squashed) but I did find it very strange to not be 'involved' like a vag birth. Recovery is much harder, especially first 2-3 weeks when soreness is worst. However, I recovered much quicker than I thought (my OB said I would and he was right... as usual). I was fairly fit, which helps. My wound was tender and I had bad constipation - the worst thing in my opinion. Not being able to pick up my toddler or do things I wanted to do was very difficult but after 4-5 weeks this improved dramatically.

I would choose vag birth every time if everything is 'normal', but the c-sect wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be. Ultimately the health and safety of you & bub is the most important and as long as you have that, the delivery method is a distant second in your list of priorities. It is now 14 weeks after my c-sect and I'm fit and strong and just thrilled to have two healthy beautiful children. Good luck and enjoy your baby.
thankyou so much ladies for ur replys it has helped me out alot ..
we have gone with the we dont like the risk on getting him turned and my dp works away so if anything went wrong he wouldnt be there

they were very blunt with me about it all she did explane what they do but thats about it.
im scared about the recovery and geting cut open freeks me out but im not thinking about my self hear ill think about my baby and gettting him out safe she did say she will do a scan before to see if he dus decide to turn so im kinda hoping he dus finger crossed

agen thankyou all


im 38wks and bub is breech still stubbon like his dad and im thinking of going with this choice instread on ggetting him turned coz i havnt hurd any good things about it.

what happens with a ccaesarean?? and how long is recovery

In my area only 1 of the ob's with let you try a complete breech natural birth, My DD2 turned footling from complete 2 days before I had to have an emergency c section. They wouldnt let me try footling as too dangerous.
However my mother had DS1 complete breech, and myself footling breech.

My ob I had was very mad at me for trying to get bubs turned by another ob.

I wish you the very best and hope bubs might turn for you smile
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