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Second child, will they do a c-section Lock Rss

I had an elective c-sec with my second son only 15.5mths ago as he was breech. Now expecting DS3 in about 4 weeks time. I am hoping that I can try for a VBAC, however DS2 was 4.5kg, and the short gap between DS2 & DS3 will probably mean another c-sec. I'm having an ultrasound next week to check size of bub....hopefully he will be little smaller, but I'm not counting on it!!
I definitely understand asking the question now. I am one of those who found my c-section and recovery horrible. But totally worth it as knew my baby was unwell from very early in my pregnancy. I have been doing my research and they recommend waiting a year before getting pregnant again, then they have a look at your history. Seriously, when you start looking there are some really positive VBAC stories out there.

I had an emergency c-section due to my babies heart rate dropping at every contraction and slow progress. I was advised that because of the of the heart rate issues I wasn't given the chance to try naturally and for the next one I could try naturally or opt for another c-section
We are looking to TTC #2 now my wee man is 8 months old. We had a Emergency C Section after being induced went wrong. Even though it was stressful to start with and happened very quick, I had no pain, no infections no complications, it was really good. Recovered well. Im really keen to have no2 C section but really nervous. I had a big baby and told i would have to have a perfect pregnancy and not such a big baby to Vbac.
Caitie, Travis is beautiful, well done.
Everyone has had very wise things to say.
I too had an emergency CS with #1 and chose to have a CS with #2. The surgeries were completely different. I would not categorize #1 as traumatizing, but it was my worst case scenario. #2- With my family history of very bad VBAC ruptures I refused to let anyone talk me into VBAC but my friends who did VBAC had no problems. I can tell you that when you have a planned CS you walk yourself into the theatre. You sit on the table and they give you a spinal, not an epidural. You don't have any contractions and less than an hour later you get to hold your baby. Then you have the weeks of recovery and two kids to wrangle.
You have probably two years at least to enjoy with Travis before you will have to make such a decision. Enjoy him and be proud of yourself for making such a perfect little person.

Good on you for asking! Emergency c-sections can be very traumatic. I hope you don't mind but I have PM'd you a link that I think can help with your research on VBAC. Don't hesitate to seek counseling if you feel you need it, it may help to keep Post Natal Depression at bay. Best wishes!

Hi are you able to share that link with us, im contemplating trying a VBAC. Had 2 days failed induction - it was done wrong then had c-sect the next day. In one way a vaginal birth now seems scarier than having a c-sect, especially from what i have read about the emergency ones. Mine wasnt of choice but wasnt rushed like an emergency one. Hard decision to make Thanks smile

I am going through this now too, they told me that I couldn't be induced either because of the risk of rupture to the scar...

I to have been told the same thing. currently 5 weeks, got midwife coming next week. She said on phonee id have 70% chance as long as i went into spontaneous labour as they cant induce you if you have a cesar scar and they wont let you labour for more than 18hrs. I had 2 days failed induction last time with the c-section the next day didnt dilate a mm so worried about gettig myself into labour and then they said it will be like a first time labour which could need to take well over 18hrs. I dont know how they get the 70% chance couse to me the odds sound against it not for it. Goodluck with your decision.
I had an emergency cs with my son; i was induced and failed to progress and once the waters had been broken he had to come out! This was after sort of labouring for 24 plus hours so needless to say it was a less than desireable birth but i didnt really care because he was healthy so the end result was good. With this bub, both my ob and midwives have implied that as i tend to have bigge babies (ten pouders) and have a narrow pelvis that an elective cs is probably the best way to go. one midwife has said to me that i should keep my options open to see how things go.. but to be honest i am nervous about trying for a normal delivery and feel that as i have had a cs before i know what to expect.... its a tough decision and one that i havent quite made myself.

38 weeks and 2 days

Can I ask you, why do you think that you cannot be induced after a c-section? I have a friend who had a VBAC, and she was induced on this occassion.

Hi, im due April next year and will be going to hutt hospital, Wellington region. I too have been told they will not do an induction if you have a previous c-sect done. 70% chance of vbac as long as no other complications and they will only let me go 1 week over my due date instead of 2. I have seen posts where women have been induced after csect and im wondering if its the different hospitals procedures.

I had an emergency c-section due to my babies heart rate dropping at every contraction and slow progress. I was advised that because of the of the heart rate issues I wasn't given the chance to try naturally and for the next one I could try naturally or opt for another c-section

This has been vbery helpful as i read through. I am PG with number two (only 5 weeks) but the topic is on my mind a lot becuase I had a traumatic birth with my first Son, He was emergancy ceasar because his heart rate also dropped with each contraction and i was only 5cm in 24hours of labour. It was a scary experiance as they pressed the emergancy button and all the staff very quickly prepped me for c seation and then ran me down to theater, i felt like i was in a medical emergancy tv show. After his birth I felt sad that i didnt get to have a natural birth, but relieved that my bub is safe. I would like to try for VBAC but have no worries if they say i should have another c section. Ofcourse there are pros and cons to everything, but to highlight some pros after my c section... i dont suffer bladder weakness like some of my firends do after their natual births.
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