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Hey everyone, hope you all well, I have found out recently that I'm expecting my 3rd child and was wondering if any of you know whether the Lyell McEwin in adelaide would be willing to do a VBA2C. My first pregnancies was 40 hours of labour and both the baby and I were exhausted ,mother second was because I was so sore when they did my internal check at my 38 week appointment. I really want to attempt natural child birth?

I would appreciate any info or advice, thanks

Hi there:)

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Have you ever been to one of the CARES coffee mornings? They're able to provide brilliant resources about hospitals and care providers and will also offer amazing support throughout your pregnancy.
From memory one of the mothers had a VBA2C at Lyell Mc but she had to fight the entire way... Even as she was pushing her baby out!

I hired a private midwife to visit me at home through my pregnancy. She was also able to work within my local hospital. I booked in to the hospital, had a couple of appointments with the midwives and together we agreed on a plan to allow me to attempt a VBA2C. I saw the head Obstetrician at 38wks, he wasn't so supportive, but he was going away and wasn't going to be there for the birth anyway...
I ended up going well past my EDD and losing faith in my body, I booked in for an elective caesarean with my Ob that delivered my previous 2 babies (via emergency c-sect).

I went into labour the night before my scheduled C-section, 2wks past my EDD.
My little one was in quite a hurry. With everything progressing so well, I decided to stay home and with the support of my MW, I gave birth in a small pool of water in my living room. My labour from first pain to my placenta out was about 3hrs smile

All the best smile
PM me if you need any more info... I'm in SA too

I am kitty wink

Thank so much for the quick reply, I have a lot to think about I get to see my GP next week I will start asking about VBA2C, thanks for the Info about CARES morning tea. I doing lots f research online and asking s of questions! Hopefully I will be able to talk to the hospital about it soon!
thanks so much xxxxx

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