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so confused! Lock Rss

at my booking in apt, I spoke to head mw n she told me its my choice if I have a csec or try vbac. next apt w Dr-he wants me to try vbac,thats what they-dr's, prefer. this apt a diff mw tells me I can say I want a csec, but its up to the dr!!? so confused!!!!! why does one tell me its my decision n another say its dr decision? talk about stress a woman out. I had previous csec cause of abnormal uterus shape n bubs was breech. weel my uterus is still abnormal n this bubs is currently transverse most of time. why cant they just be on the same page, so you don't get confused/hopes up?
im leaning towards csec because I know what to expect n therefor my limits for when I bring bubs home (its just me n 6yr old) plus from reading the vbac info im terrified of uterine rupture and/or labor not progressing n having an emergency csec. from everything Ive read n q's I asked about my uterus type, its very probable if I try vbac.
thanx. I hope they give the ok. its scary cause they arent the ones who are at risk
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