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Anyone pregnant and had a negative pregnancy test? Lock Rss

Hi Mums

I just wanted to hear from those of you out there who have fallen pregnant and have had a negative home pregnancy test.

My period was due 2 days ago and I am normally very regular (30 days exactly) and I normally feel slightly crampy for about a week before hand. However I have not had any cramping and am feeling extremely tired (as you can in early pregnancy). My other two pregancies I had a positive test on the day my period was due (with a different brand test).

I did a pregnancy test this morning which was negative but I find it strange to be late with my period. I have had five periods since my second baby was born - all regular.

We aren't using any contraceptive and are following the billings method to avoid pregnancy.

I already have two daughters 17 months apart and feel I am not ready for another baby so I am hoping I am just late.


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Hi Kristi

With my first bub I did a home test and it was negative, after my period being a week late I went to the doctor to find put I was pregnant! Maybe try a different brand or make an appointment to see your doctor just to be sure.

Good luck!

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I had a negative test and I was pregnant. I did so many pee on a stick tests it wasn't funny (I was damn sure I was pregnant). I even did a pee on a stick test at the Docs and it came back negative as well.

I was right (blood test proved positive).

The pee on a stick test didn't actually come back positive till late in the pregnancy.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)



When I was pregnant with my first(which sadly didnt work out) I did a test and it was negative-soi thought no more of it. When my period still didnt come i went to the Dr and she did a HCG test- it was negative! I took it home to show my boyfriend at the time and when I woke in the morning it was POSITIVE!!!!!

Fortunatly I asked the Dr to do a blood test to confirm it and 1 hr later I got a phone call from my Dr asking me to come in- I knew why so I said " Im pregnant arnt I' and she said yes. No one can explain why the tests were negative!!!!!

Just remember you can concieve AFTER you have ovulated and the HCG test cant detect early pregnancy until 10 days after you have concieved.

I am currently trying and Im showing all the classic signs of early pregnancy- but my period is due in a few days so Im very nervous.

Let me know how it works out for you!!!


I have had this happen on both pregnancies. I used a home test made by FORTEL which is an early preg test. It picked up my preg very early. I found out at 4 weeks and 3 weeks. When i went to doc's to confirm , they were neg! Docs told me was too early, come back in a few weeks, test still come back neg, was sent for u/s and i was preg both times!

Would recommend Fortel test, it's in a pink box and roughly about $10-15, depending on where you get it from.
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