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first timer Lock Rss

hi my name is sharon and i am expecting my first baby on 20/8, i am 20 years old and very excited about becoming a mum.
i would love to hear from others about their experiences and any tips
email me at:- [email protected]

sharon, 20, SA

Congratulations Sharon, hope everything goes well for you. My son is now 12 months old and the only advice I have is enjoy the little baby stage as it is over much too quickly!!! Before you know it your little one will be crawling, talking, walking and much more!! Even though at the moment i'm sure it feels like you will be pregnant forever. As you are quite young I am wondering if your baby was planned or a pleasant surprise?? Our son was unplanned and after the initila shock realised it was the best thing that could've happened and he brings so much love and laughter into our lives. Good luck with the birth and the first few weeks of getting to know your baby.

Janelle Vic

Hi there my name is Karen and i to am a first time mum. My partner and i are both 36 so have started our family late in life, i never ever wanted children they just turned me off and then about 2yrs ago it clicked and i wanted a baby so bad, so here we are and it's the best thing i have ever done. We had Austinn Harvey Lane on the 30th Nov 02 and he just changed our world, every single thing he does just melts me, when he sleeps i miss him and i wish he would wake up just so i can be with him, i can't wait to see how his life pans out and i can't wait to give him a little brother or sister.

Austinn's mum

Hi my name is johanne and I am a first time mum to and i had a baby boy on the same day as your little one i had him at ipswich Hospital at 2.00pm on a saturday where was your born I hope to her from you soon....

[email protected] plainland qld

hi janelle,
yes, at the moment i am really looking forward to having this all over and done with but i am enjoying pregnancy. Nichole (as she is being named) was a pleasant surprise, i wanted a baby but my fiance and i agreed to wait and low and behold a few weeks later i found out.
i am so happy and excited.
tell me more about yourself
hope to hear from you soon

sharon, 20, SA

Hi Johanne, i guess you were asking about where our son Austinn was born, he was born at 5.58pm on Sat Nov 30th at Mount Gambier hospital in South Australia. I'll get back to you the baby calls, (or daddy has, they need mum)

Austinn's mum

Hi how long have you you been living in South Australia so do you like been a mum for your first time I am happy to be a mum and I will do it again Hope to have a GIRL becaue i got two step childen one is 8 and one is 10 matthew is the 8 and daneil is 10 they live with us shane is the father of the three boys if you like to talk more Email me on [email protected] any time day i go on at 8.00am 12.00pm lunch thats when Ethan go to have a sleep.. so what do you do when Austinn does he sleep all night Ethan go down about 7.00 and 7.30 pm and sleeps untill 7.00 am so what is your name well better go and make a cup of tea ......see you soon johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

hi karan how are you hows your little boy going has he got any teeth let no Ethan got no teeth let he will soon When do you think you will be have a anther one shane said in 2 to3 year I hope to get a girl this time round because I got two step childen and they boys one 8 thats matthew and one is 10 thats daniel so do you know any one that to know how i can get a girl send me a Email on [email protected] What things is your boy doing now .....

hope to here you soon..johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Karen,
I am 3rd time mum to my 3rd boy Christian Jack Anderson. I can really related to your feelings of missing him when he sleeps, wanting him to wake up! Its unreal and still happens now at no.3! Christian was born only a few days before your Austinn (22Nov2002). He is very different to our other two boys and such a delight! Its like having my first baby all over again...

Enjoy your little man smile

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

hi there sharon
welll congrats first on ur pregnancy i am also 20 and i had my baby 14 jan 03 she is 5 1/2 months now and growing wonderfully and always laughing.

i hope u have alot of suppport from ur partner and surrounding families its true enjoy your pregnancy and the baby stages i can not belive my girl is almost 6 months try to keep as many memorys as u can stock up on film u will probably take over 400 pics in the first 6 months also u should get a video camera its funny how u forget things fast.

take advice but use what u want , dont ever feel pressured into any thing do what u feel is right cause mum always knows best. dont ever feel afraid and think ur wrong for asking advice or having a depressing feeling always know it is normal due to changes in ur routine and body.

have an open mind in ur birth if u would like to chat to me more send me an email at [email protected] goodluck

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

Hi Sharon,
My name's Amy and i'm a first timer aswell. i'm 18 and have a beautiful boy who was born on jan 28th. Its amazing how time flys after having a baby. You need the photos to keep up and look back on.

I breast fed adam(my son) for 4.5 months then weened him to the bottle but he got reflux really badly so now he's on karicare anti reflux, which can be annoying because u cant pre make bottles or the formula becomes to think.

I some times get bad looks being so young but i know that i'm a great mum and have the support of those close to me. People also give me a lot of advice but u only use what u feel would work, as for the rest u listen and then brush it off.

I wish u good luck with everything, and hope u have a healthy baby.

by the way if there are any other young mums out there please email me at [email protected]

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