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Do we try for #3? Rss

I have been discussing with hubby about having another baby.

I have 2 gorgeous girls 2 & 1. I would like to have another so we can possibly have a boy, as DH would love a son.

I am wanting to start trying this year so that the baby and Jessica would be 2 years difference same as the girls. However DH is saying if we do try for another he wants to wait until next year so by the time bubs comes Jess will be 3. Ideally I would like a 2 year gap max.

DH is also saying that he is quite happy with just the 2 girls as he couldnt handle having 3 daughters!

Should I push the issue to have another or call it quits?

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hi bduck23

I'm afraid I don't have any informed advice for you as we have only one and won't be trying for #2 till later on this year.

I do know that I may be in a similar situation to you in a few years time...

DH and I decided on 3 kids before we started trying. I come from a 2 kid family and DH comes from a 5 kid family and so we thought 3 would be a good number.

I love being a SAHM but now I am thinking that maybe 2 is enough. I would like to be able to provide for my kids and live comfortably (financially) as a family.

My DH is still pretty determined on 3 kids... anyway, we'll have to wait and see as I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. We have to have our second before we even think about the possibility.

I do think it is something both you and hubby have to discuss thoughtfully and thoroughly. I think if you did try again and baby was a girl that your hubby would love her just as much. Having a child is such a big decision and after having one, I truly realise the enormity of bringing a life into the world. I'm sure you both know that.

I hope that you come to a decision that will enable your family to grow - whether it be in number or just in love.

All the best.

Bye for now.

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