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Anyone planning now? Lock Rss

Hey if there's anyone planning to get pregnant now it'd be great to share our stories with each other. And our successes, Hope to hear from you soon. Amber.

Hi Amber

my name is Sarah and I am a 22yo mum to Sabastyan 4yo. We are ttc #2 and in our 3rd cycle of trying now so fingers crossed this time it's our turn. Seems like everyone I know is preggy at the moment. I have a 40 day cycle which also makes things take a bit longer.

So will this be your first baby?

you can add me to msn if you like


4yo son & TTC no. 2

Hi Amber,

I am 24yo and have a nearly 14 month old daughter. This is our first month ttc#2. I fell straight away with Izzy and hope for the same this time but I know It will probably take a little longer as I'm still BF DD 2-3 times a day. NOt sure how much if affect fertility.

Anyway I wish everybody some good news soon.


Leah, NZ, Izzy 07/01/05 & #2 EDD 13/12/06


Hubby and I thought I was "accidently" pregnant since I had no period since 17/12/06. Many negatives later discovered it was my endo playing up and stopping my period that time.

Anyway long story short we both were discussing it and realised we both were actually dissapointed so decided to start trying for another baby.

Do official "start trying" date was the 1st of March, our son's birthday.

I can't wait to begin the journey again, some things scare me, but wow

Prue, NZ, 3 yr old and trying for #2

Hi everyone, im 20 years old and so is my partner. I cant make up my mind, my partner wants to start trying to have a baby and my head is all over the place. I really want children and we have talked about it for awhile and are in a serious relationship and planing to get married sept 2007. Has anyone got any advice for me in deciding weather or not i should start trying.

Sarah, Chloe 13 months

My husband and i have been trying for 7 months, i have text book periods and ovulate on time, its so frustrating. I find it absolutely heartbreaking when AF arrives. Im going to Natural Fertility today to check my charting is going right. I too need to not stress about it so much and try to let nature take its course - easier said than done aye! Im actually sick of the whole thing and just want it to happen - and i absolutely hate the TWW! Its the longest time and i always just want to know!
Hi girls,
Hope everyone is well. I had a really **** day yesterday- nothing seemed to be going right for me so I am happy to have woken up today and felt much better. I guess we all have crap days where we dont want to get out of bed :'(
Anyway Hi to you all and chat soon xx

hi amber
im a 28 yo with 2 boys, 8 and 2.5 yrs , and decided to start trying for another, it really consumes you doesnt it , I just about drove my husband banannas before he agreed.
I am excited at the thought of it all, every pregnancy is different, nothing can compare to feeling your little bub growing inside, good luck everbody!

rachel,sa mum of darien 8, lucas 2

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to hear about your teeth , claire, expensive!
everything just costs so much now.

And amber you have a good trip, a break from time to time , is what 'us' mums need isnt, and dont worry about your strech marks , I have them too, big deep ones, you sound like a beautiful person , and i'm sure you are, not everybody sees us as we see ourselves.

everybody keep us posted with good news.

love and best wishes to all

rachel,sa mum of darien 8, lucas 2

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